22 thoughts on “Would Vidic have done the same for Valencia?

  1. Coming back from cancer and coming back from a broken leg can’t even be compared. If anyone should have been handed the armband it was van der Sar.

  2. You have a very short memory, not so long back when Robbo was club Captain, and Bruce was vice Captain United had won the FA cup, Bruce beckoned to Robson to be first up to collect it, Robbo refused saying “it’s your turn now, my time is over”. A very similar situation.
    Then before that there was Arthur Albiston offering his FA Cup winners medal to our regular left back ( his name escapes me), because Arthur only played in the final.
    So these acts do exist in the United family.
    The Abidal situation was totally different, whilst Valencia’s injury was career threatening, Abidals was life threatening, which makes it a totally different scenario.
    So no I don’t think Vidic would have done the same.

  3. As Sapper alluded to….

    Cancer of the liver….Broken leg?? Totally different. Next piece of bored journalism please.

  4. Possibly the most ridiculous article I’ve ever read. Comparing Cancer to a football injury. Why was this even posted, have you nothing better to do than come up with completely pointless what if’s?

  5. What the heck does this have to do with Vidic and Valencia anyway? What a stupid piece of writing!

  6. wtf thats stupid, Abidal had a cancer in his liver, totally different to valencias injury

  7. All fair comments folks. Just wanted to raise the question for your opinions.

  8. Oh shut the f**k up about barcelona,,sick shit of them.It`s over move on.And tell them their spanish and get over it

  9. Why are you so angry Mark? This was never about Barcelona but only about a gesture which hit a chord with many football fans!

  10. this issu is non starter. Please let our boys have a successful holiday. Even if i were vida, i wouldn’t hand it over to him.

  11. The point of this article just seems to be to have a go at United. Valencia’s injury was not a matter of life and death. I don’t remember thinking at any point that he would not recover from it, though I did not think that he would come back so well before the end of the season. Are you trying to say that there is no compassion or team spirit at United? If so, why so?

  12. I agree with Borealis – Van der Sar whould have been the one to lift it had we won it. As for the discussion – would Vidic have done the same for Valencia? Who knows – completety different scenarios. Not sure about the purpose of the piece to be honest – bit of an article about nothing really Frank!

  13. Come on Jumping Jesus, you REALLY are jumping to conclusions from great heights when you ask “Are you trying to say that there is no compassion or team spirit at United?” You’re not even remotely close mate! Remember that Valencia suffered his injury during United’s first Champions League game of the campaign and yes, it COULD have ended his career – even if only mentally rather than physically. The article does not suggest that Vidic was EXPECTED to make the gesture had United won, it was just a thought as to whether he would have considered it which would have been absolutely magnanimous on his part.

  14. A little bit of over reaction here, questions like this always arise during the summer when there is very little other news around, blog and website admin have an awful time trying to keep content fresh and moving, so we try to stimulate debate with articles like this, I should know I’m trying to do exactly the same on my forum.

  15. If you’re stuck for debate Frank write a piece about Sneijder – 175,000 a week? lot of money, does he fit the system? Would he be the next Veron? Would Modric be a better option? Far more interesting debate than Vidic/Valencia lifting a cup we didn’t win.

  16. Think the issue here is that obviously Valencia didnt have a life threatening injury unlike Abidal and made his comeback well before the champions league final unlike Abidal who was only just starting to play again. I think had Utd won Van der Sar will have been the player to lift the trophy but whether Vidic wouldve stepped aside not sure but id like to think so.

    I think the comments slating this article need to calm down no need to take that stance

  17. That was the best moment of the night…totally agree Frank. That was beyond football.

  18. Sneijder is a non runner murty,He`s another footballer lead by a wag!!!.She wants to move to london instead.Apparently its nicer there.

  19. lol abidal had cancer …it can’t even be compared to abroken leg..there have been plenty of occassions in which players with broken leg came back and there has hardly been a single case of someone giving the armband to them because of that…one of the rare armand cases was the eduardo case

  20. Just a dig at United. even more recent. 2008, Gary Neville was injured and had been for some time, Giggs had taken over the captaincy. Giggs waited until the last moment then ran off so Neville would lift the trophy.

    It was the same when city took an ex player up for the fa cup and every said only they would do that. Not like we took Bobby Charlton up in 2008 to collect the European Trophy with the players or contually get soldiers to carry out the Premier League trophy for us. Something Fergie had to fight to be allowed in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2011, even so far as telling the fa that we woul dnot recieve the trophy this year unless the injured lad brought the trophy out

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