3 thoughts on “A reality Manchester United rivals must face

  1. You can’t be disappointed with the results, they speak for themselves. Next year we’ll be a stronger team with a few good signings as we’ll need to be because we can’t depend on our main rivals dropping even more points than us.
    This year we weren’t spectacular too often but we were very competitive all year long and character and ambition pulled us through. I find that reassuring because for all the talent in the world you need to want to win and that for me comes first. Being disappointed after the season we’ve had can only serve to show how far we’ve come.

  2. For me it wasn’t the defeat to Barca that was annoying, it was the manner of the defeat, the first ten minutes we were good, we went at them and pressed the ball, then for some reason we just sat back and gave them the time and space to start playing, that is what was truly upsetting for me.

    And to be really honest I’m not that bothered about the 19 titles thing, it’s a complete load of B*******, and is just another marketing ploy for the commercial side of United, the Premier league bears no relation to the first division, just as the present European Champions League bears no relation to the European cup of the past.

    In my view we 12-0 up on Liverpool in Premiership titles, because that’s what counts today in 2011, and we are level on European Championships, and that’s what counts in 2011.
    United are by far the most successful team in England today, and Sir Alex is by far the most successful manager, and it’s because of this that Liverpool players kept on about the “five” and the “18”.
    We knocked Liverpool off their perch when we won the treble, and again when we won three titles on the trot, something they never achieved.

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