1. My best moment this season was when chicarito’s header met tim howard’s net in old trafford. At that time we really need to win so the players got their courage back to win the 19th trophy.

  2. So many to choose from but it’s got to be for me on the last day of the season sitting in the east stand at Old Trafford seeing United lift the trophy for a record 19th time. Tears of joy were rolling down my face but also tears of sadness with it being Van Der Sar’s final game at Old Trafford. He has been an immense signing and top player through his years at united.

  3. my best moment was when we lost at Arsenal and Sir Alex told the players if they really needed the 19th title.the remarks motivated the players.

  4. Well my best moment this season probably is chicharito’s goal against chelsea at old trafford just 30 seconds from kickoff.
    The most important game of the PL season started like a dream.
    You’ve got to love this lad.

  5. my best moment of the season was when the referee blew his whistle for the end of the match against blackburn.
    Owners of the perch now…

  6. My best moment was when Chicharito got a goal after 37 seconds in the premier league game versus Chelsea.

  7. best moment for me was united’s comeback against west ham united as we were struggling and our strikers and whole team took control of the game in 2nd half and rooney came alive and had the influence we know he can have – i started to beleive no19 was on its way after hernandez’s goal!

  8. Berbatov scoring the winner in the 3-2 win over Liverpool as well as completing his hat-trick. Absolutely fantastic feeling after seeing Liverpool come back from 2-0 down. Just Brilliant!!!

  9. my best moment was when Berbatov scored the winning goal against liverpool at Old Trafford to make it 3-2.

  10. Best moment for me was Chicharito’s super fast opener against Chelsea toward the last couple of games of the season, with the Premier League, and the 19th title on the line, going 1-0 in just over 30 seconds was phenomenal, and was good enough to demoralise Chelsea, make mistakes, and then allow Vidic chance to make it 2-0!

  11. The stunning comeback against West Ham at Upton Park was magical! 2-0 down, backs against the wall, yet the United spirit showed and who would have thought we’d end up prevailing 4-2.

    Sums up United completely. Make things hard, but ultimately show that brilliant class!

  12. My best moment of the season was at full time in the match against Chelsea at Old Trafford. Coming in to the game there was huge build-up, with expectations and emotions running high. All players knew what stakes were there on the match and the celebrations at the end showed how much that victory meant. Seeing Hernandez emotional; Rene, Phelan and others on the bench ecstatic; players pumping fists and clapping; everyone in the stadium jumping to the realisation of capturing the 19th and most of all Sir Alex bowing to the Old Trafford faithful made it a majestic moment and a lifelong memory.

  13. my best moment was our dramatic comeback from 2-0 before halftime against west ham united when Rooney scored a hatrick and the game ended 2-4

  14. It would be easy to say rooneys overhead wonder goal against the council estate scum, especially as i had my blue mates giving me shit throughout the match…but for me it has to be chicharitos unbelievable reverse header! Absolute confirmation that we had stolen an awesome striker for many years to come…you cant teach them kind of skills!!

  15. my best moment was Rooney’s winning goal against Manchester city when the match ended 2-1

  16. My best moment was when Rooney scored the second goal against Manchestr City. What a goal which give un 3 points. I think, after this goal, We all forgive him after he said in December he went to leave.
    The victory against Chelsea was also a very exciting moment. The way we plaid the first half was extremly termendous.

    Glory glory Man United!!!

  17. my best moment is trailing 2-0 at half time in bloomfield road and fought back with courage against blackpool was the match of the season. champion team

  18. My best moment was the blackpool match. Remenber we were two nill down to lowly blackpool and my friends were mocking me. But i kept the faith and the moment chicharito came on i knew that something really special was about to happen and so prove d case. I was so trilled that we won 2 – 3 and i became so proud that i gave out my united jersey. United we stand.

  19. Who is the ‘big boss’.I thought there was only one Boss! lol.
    Joking aside for maybe once! My beshtest moment was my ‘hero’ bowing to the Old Trafford crowd on the final day of the premiership season after the Blackpool game and the knowing look in Sir Bobby Charlton’s eyes…to almost say in those eyes with a tear, for past United heroes, we’ve done it lads.
    My personal moment all the great people,I have communicated with and read their comments on numerous United forums.
    As normal i have a cheeky smile on my face now.
    I’m smiling because I never used to win anything when I was a kid, but now I come first every time!lol.Ask the moderator on the Busby Way I was joint winner on their last year, lets make this a second season in a row!.Shall I give my adress now? pmsl.
    Good luck to all contestants, not! lol

  20. My best moment was Utd vs Schalke. I visited Old Trafford for the first time, priceless.

    All credits for this season to VDS, Scholesy and good old giggsy!

  21. I gotta agree with everyone else and say that the best moment for me was the Blackpool game away. To come back and win the game in the second half was the moment I knew we’d win the league. It was a champions performance that showed our team’s drive and passion that no other team showed all season. It was the moment I knew we deserved to win it over everyone else.

  22. Must go along with you Steph. The Rooney winner against City was absolute magic BUT that Blackpool comeback at Bloomfield showed what CHAMPIONS are all about.

  23. The final minute of injury time against Blackburn, everyone starting to smile as the 19th title became ours. A divine moment among so many in yet another wonderful year as a Manchester United supporter.

    Come on United!

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