43 thoughts on “Why have Blackburn got their knickers in a knot?

  1. You conclude that the Blackburn owners have stuffed up but the facts are he is a contracted Blackburn player and United have knowledge of the contract that they shouldn’t have. Someone (whether it be United, Jones, Jones’s agent) has breached confidentiality and Blackburn are within their rights to call foul… We all know it goes on but you have got to applaud Blackburn for taking a stand against it. These so dubbed ‘Chicken Farmers’ are billionaires so £16m is a drop in the ocean to them. If this situation arose in previous years when there was no financial muscle I think Rovers would have simply given in as they needed the money.

  2. Please get real Pedro. Imagine Jones telling a family member, or a playing colleague about his clause – is that illegal?. The information then goes on Twitter or Facebook. It would have been so simple for United or any other club to find out the facts. The bottom line is that the Blackburn people shot themselves in the foot and are now desperately trying to heal the wound.

  3. Apparently, their Indian owners don’t like the smell of our Qatari oil money.

    Welcome to modern football.

  4. Yes it is illegal. Especially when that information is disclosed to a newspaper or other football club and that leads to a bid.

    Manu do it all the time though and always get away with it.

    That is why they are hated so much.

  5. Use common sense Tombo 1984. Try telling a 19 year old NOT to discuss his contract dealings with his family. In fact he would be stupid not to. If details are disclosed to the newspapers, neither he nor any club can be held responsible for it. THAT, is the reality

  6. the media have been reporting the release clause for months and I didn’t hear much from the chicken farmers then! Tombo your grasp of the law seems to be at the same level as the venky’s knowledge of football – made up as you go along! Those laughable chicken farmers in their 70’s throw back fashion seem to think they can screw with football as they do with their 3rd world chicken traders. They’re a joke and you numpties know it but are afraid to admit it but they’ll soon take you down with their comedy routine and chicken-shit logic and United with or without Jones will survive.

  7. Why wouldn’t an agent disclose details of clauses to a potential suitor? If they didn’t, how would such clauses even come to knowledge as no selling club would admit to such clauses before or during negotiations. The clauses are there to protect the clubs.

    For me, this isn’t even an issue, whereas our dodgy dealings in bringing in a player like Bebe absolutely is. In a word – bungtastic.

  8. Funny that none of this was a problem whilst Arry, Arsene and Miserable git at Anfailed were sniffing around. Along come United and they start getting arsey about it. They are embarassing themselves and showing themselves to be petty minded. 25m for a player most haven’t heard of? Silly.

  9. They’re embarrassing themselves?

    If we valued our best young player at a figure, realistic or not, let’s say £25m for Javier Hernandez, and Real Madrid found out he had a clause allowing him to move on for significantly less and agred terms with him, wouldn’t we be annoyed at all?

  10. Could have something to do with Liverpool offering £22million me thinks..

    They can’t handle the fact that they are losing £6million. GazNev – it’s Blackburns fault for agreeing the terms of the clause in his contract. If they felt he was worth more then they should have set the clause price higher! Now they clearly do in the midst of people i.e. Allardyce and Gallagher saying he’s worth more and will be future england captain etc.

    They’ve realised they have cocked up big time and are now trying frantically to reduce the amount of egg left on their faces by holding out for more and conducting internal investigations etc etc

  11. One massive point being overlooked here is the fact that it was Blackburn themselves who insisted on the insertion of the release clause, not the player or agent. They shot themselves in the foot. Likewise unless there is a confidentiality clause in the contract, then the player, agent or affiliated parties are under no obligations to keep it’s details private. United will conclude the deal imminently. Venkys will look foolish as will Liverpool, who rather embarrassingly put in a 22m offer today despite it a). Being unnecessary and b). The player already rejecting them.

  12. Jus heard shiterpool have just put in a last hi jack attempt of 22m to get jones, how disappointing would it be if they got him

  13. ermm before all the utd bashing didnt both liverpool and arsenal meet this fee ?and supposedly wenger talk to player ? so who leaked the fee to those clubs also ?

  14. just seems a little bias to me, which i understand as we are all bias to our own clubs. However, Jones is a rovers player that came through the youth system at rovers and is very well thought of, and united are doing what they do best which is throw their weight around. Somebody stands up to them and it’s shocking everybody. They’re standing up for something that’s theirs. Absolutely nothing embarrassing about that. I don’t care how any contractual information got out. The fact is that none of us know the exact verbiage of it or how it is to be interpreted so we have to leave that aspect of it to those that do.

  15. its not a get out clause its a clause letting him speak to a club if they bid 16m liverpool have bid 22m remember roy keane well so does kenny and the lads a rovers fan and kenny won the prem for them so fergie will have to pay more dough or he will become a member ov are prem winning side Y.N.W.A.

  16. The kid is damaged goods now that old whisky-nose has been whispering in ear. Utd will have to pay the £25m or he won’t be wearing the little gargoyle with a boat on its head. I hear the scousers have bid £22m, now there’s a club with European pedigree. Your turn losers.

  17. There u man utd idiots go again, think you know wots in the contract, u can’t just admit you have been done over by sum chicken farmers, whom by the way cud pay off your debt n still av a billion left so do one . Think u can bully Venkys no way. I hope kenny gets him that Wud upset taggart wudnt it ? 16 million is chicken feed to the Venkys. They r worth nearly 2 billion and as most people know, they didnt get that rich co’s they are numptys, it’s manure who are numptys. I hope he ends up staying at rovers , if not then Liverpool with there european pedigree. So swivel on that. Got to feel sorry for manure fan in denmark, (thought your fans were just in London) got jones to sign his shirt so tell me who’s got egg on there face! Just thinks every time you or your kids etc get a maccy d or kentuck you make us a bit more money same as each time you fill ur car up city fans are rubbing there hands. And ive heard that city are interested now, I would like to thank your board for under estimating Venkys. Rovers are in the driving seat here bet u like that don’t you, coyb


  19. @Petemcglinn – Your post simply shows the envy that rival fans have towards the greatest club in England. Time will tell whose colours Jones will be wearing in August!

  20. Frankly I don’t care wot u think (oops Soz bout that Frank ) jones will be wearing a red shirt nxt season king kennys. You lot save the money n pay off I little bit of your debt. Got to go now off to work, need petrol Im not sure if macdonalds is open I could do with some breakfast. You have nice day now.

  21. OK mate, time will tell. At least you’re civil about the whole thing -:) Hope you enjoyed a good brekkie at Maccas

  22. Gordon bennet I’ve just bitten into one of them gurkins yuck! At the end of the day we Shud get a fair price for him , we habit nicknamed him superman for nothing. Lescott £25 mill two seasons ago, jones £16.5 million don’t think so. I’m ofski av a good un coyb

  23. @ a finnigan, “fergie will have to pay more dough or he will become a member ov are prem winning side” Which prem winning side would that be? Although i suppose this year is your year eh………………… Delusional doesn’t even cover it. Bit sad bidding 20 million for a lad thats already turned you down as well don’t you think? 🙂

  24. Is taggart back or is he still lost in France? Some poor so n so is gona get hair dryer treatment. Coyb

  25. Lol all this Dummy-spitting from these bin-dipper loving yokels from Blackburn! I’m afraid the big lad Jones will be coming to United whether your Bouffant-haired, cheap suit-wearing grinning buffoon chicken farmer owners like it or not. Billionaires? Not so rich as anyone with a half ounce of ability would want to play for or manage you though. Now shut the f*** up and give us the player you toothless fools

  26. To Red Rupert: Good, show your ignorance to the world. Phil Jones is worth £25m, simple as that! You think that most people haven’t heard about him – get real! Maybe you haven’t, don’t talk on other people’s behalf. It doesn’t matter if it is Ferguson, Dalglish, Wenger or whoever it is, they have to pay what the player is worth. The days when Rovers were selling players on the cheap are over!!! Deal with it!

  27. Jumping Jesus, is that the best u can cum up with, the point is you wanted him giving to you, but that ain’t gona happen is it! Only red shirt he will be wearing is Liverpool, as you bottom feeders can’t afford him. Unless u go into yet more debt ! Spurs are collating evidence bout the tapping up of modric. So you pick a finger “£”£@. … Coyb

  28. i dont think the venkys can actually do somthing to stop jones going to manchester united. in premier league rules the two clubs have to agree a fee first, and then the player (jones) is allowed to speak to another club so they dont have any power to stop this move from happening why do you think manchester united are so calm over this issue they know they cant actually do anything about it now.

  29. Petermcgln stick to burgling houses and eating rats and leave the football to the big boys you pikey fool

  30. Typical united fans thinking everyone should roll over for them. Just because the fa and every referee in the league suck up to fergie doesn’t mean blackburn rovers should. The truth is man u get away with murder and it’s about time someone stood up to them. Jones clause states he can talk to other clubs who bid 16million. This doesn’t mean he can leave for 16.million it means he’s free to discuss any potential move but then a fee needs to be agreed. Hes worth over 20million so Blackburn want what he’s worth.. End of story.

  31. Jumping jack shit Soz meant Jesus. He ain’t going no where for 16.5 million can’t you get the jist ? He is not going to manure for £16.5 million u muppet. Face it scouser’s can afford him, so like I’ve already said got to keep repeating myself co’s you are bit slow on the uptake and facts pick a finger, pick a finger, you got the just yet ? £22 million put up or shut up, you ££££wipe. Love u loads pikey Pete. My eggs are boiling over don’t forget pick a finger is it gettin through muppet Coyb

  32. why don’t bitter pricks like you get the fuck off a United site. One even sad enough to call imself Munich11. Any other reds on here get sick of hearing the 3 most used ABU words; “typical United fans” – what does that mean exactly?? We support our team like you do but have to “defend” our team also because tits like you have to be throwing your shit at the wall all the time – get on with suppoirting whatever shit you do and leave the champions to their people.

  33. Stretford dave the Munich 11 is poor taste. Shud’nt rise to the bait but getting fed up of rovers being slagged of for making billions out of chicken’s and pharmaceutical ‘s. As stated before they supply most of the fast food chains in the world. It’s down to the powers that be to sort it out. And if all people on here can do on here is come out with cheap shots, co’s they are not bright enough to come up with a decent argument ( have u got the jist yet jumping jack shit ?) I’ll go back on rovers site co’s they tend to have more of the old grey matter. Will u explain to jumping jack shit wot I mean about picking a finger plz. I’m ofski so you av good day dave hope it gets sorted soon for everyones sake especially jones he don’t need this even tho he is a bit of a judas Coyb

  34. Frank,thanks for the reply. Think about it…United are questioning a price and deal in regards to a player’s contract which they are theoretically ‘unaware’ of – how can they defend themselves? They simply can’t because they would be admitting to somebody breaching the confidentiality agreement which is in place.
    Confidentiality agreements are exactly what they say on the tin and anyone breaching them leaves themselves wide open to being sued or as an agent, struck off.

    It is quite obvious from my perspective that it is Utd and Jones’s agent who have slipped up (probably through being too precise with a bid or something) and the owners of Blackburn (and effectively the player) have every right to demand a fee that suits them now that he has been tapped up.

    PS. United have now upped their bid to £20.5million and the deal will be announced shortly.

  35. Latest is jones is going to utd, deal to go thru iminentley. £20.5 million. So every ones happy. You got the jist jumping jack shit u t..d burglar Coyb

  36. ive read all the posts on this site. grow the hell up!!!! you all sound like a bunch of 5 yr olds arguing over who gets the most sweets!!! man u have always bullied smaller clubs and will continue to do so. thats just business. its reality. man u have also worked hard to be able to do that. this is no longer a sport – its purely about money. therefore going on about trophies, liverpool fans venting about manu and vice versa is irrelavant because the football you all speak about just does not exist. the only gullable people here are us!!!

  37. “The get-out clause allows Jones to move to any club which offers the stipulated sum and the original £16.5m sale of Jones was actually concluded on Saturday. United’s refusal to offer more than their original figure for Jones is, in part, based on the outcome of the High Court case which followed Christian Ziege’s move from Middlesbrough to Liverpool in August 2000.”

  38. Looks like game, set and match folks. The Daily Mail today reported that “Following a meeting with manager Steve Kean in India, Rovers owners Venky’s admitted defeat in their attempts to force United to pay more than the original £16.5m for Phil Jones”.

    The Venky’s know how to kill little chickens but an old rooster like Sir Alex is a different matter!

  39. Read the statements. The fee is undisclosed. I know i have no believability because i’m just a guy posting on a board, right? But maybe another rover fan will read this and know the truth.

    The down payment is under £17.4 million [the record sale] and may eventually go over it.

    So it will be £16 million rising to £20 million.

    It can’t be the fixed fee in the contract because that would NEVER go above the £17.4 million.

    So there has been a victory of sorts…but certainly no meek surrender.

  40. this lies in rovers wording on their official page. “Blackburn Rovers have announced a potential club record deal with Manchester United” Our club record was 17.4 million. It is ‘potential’ because of the compromise that the clubs made in order for this deal to go through. The price will have some stipulation or circumstances to where the price could rise to 20 million. Things are never as cut and dry as we like to think. I’m personally happy the owners stood up for what was theirs. Shows they actually care about the club, which is something that rovers haven’t had for quite some time with the old owners who inherited the club from the late Jack Walker. Congratulations on getting a brilliant young defender, and thanks for the cash so we can hopefully get some good new faces in! I’m sure united don’t think of little old Blackburn much as rivals, but I still enjoy the competitive tradition and history that the two clubs share, and long may it continue! Never forget 94/95 😉

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