15 thoughts on “Why Sir Alex should urge Giggs to call it a day

  1. We shoud are god retire to make the BASTARD Press and Bastard away fans happy he is on 876 games let him get into the 900….

  2. ARE YOU A SCOUSER IN DISGUISe? Giggs should play for as many years as possible he is one of the most decorated players in football history and he can keep adding more, his career started at 17 and he can go on til 40 like sherringham but at top flight. he is a role model to all footballers with loyalty and improving and maintzining high standards. he can show that no matter what happens off the field you can still be profesional and not it effect your game, other players should learn from this for the sake of football

  3. Rubbish why give in to our stupid media. For one thing how do we know if some of these more lurid stories are even true? For another we need his experience around the dressing room. Remember we have lost Neville, Van Der Sar and Scholes. Apart from Giggs and Owen who do we have left to provide that valuable experience. Also as JNandhi says it is his private life and by rights none of the press and media’s business.

  4. Difficult to argue with your opinion – and many similar ones, Denise. But the reality is that these reports will continue as long as Giggs remains in the limelight. Is that fair on one of the games greatest ever players? Neville, Scholes and VDS will thankfully continue to provide their experience in the Old Trafford background, as Giggs is certain to do upon his retirement. I’m not suggesting for one moment that Giggs giving the game away is best for the club BUT it may be the best for him.

  5. I totally agree and there is no way he can play for us again sadly. The campaing for him to be knighted seems pretty stupid now and the ABU’s must have a great time when our most successfull player ever has done what he has done.

  6. Sad but true swede. The long anticipated Knighthood for Giggs must be looked upon in a different light however. Such an honor SHOULD ONLY be based on his brilliant football career not on his private life – just like numerous others Knights have been.

  7. I’m far from offended by your juvenile comment Rai BUT it has been deleted simply because it was so dumb! SORRY

  8. There are three very innocent victims in this Frank , Giggsys wife and kids . None of us can imagine the hurt and pain she must be feeling at the deciet inflicted by him . If you want to portray SAF as a father figure ,then his advice should be man up ,do all in your power to protect the family . If he truly cares about them then live every day for them . United and its fans should come a poor second to what is really important . United as so many times before will go on . But , hopefully knowing our iconic Ryan had the cahoonas to put his family 1st .

  9. I was thinking about this the other day in the car – should he continue or shouldn’t he? I think if he feels he’s in the right frame of mind then yes he should. He’ll get dogs abuse all season long up and down the country but he’s old enough and wise enough not to let that affect him. I’d be very sorry to see him retire. He’s still go the ability to make a difference so it’s all about his mental state. Will he be able to focus enough on his football to reproduce his best form? I for one hope so.

  10. Wonderful comments wiuru and murty. They’re the sort of intelligent remarks that we like to see. Well said.

  11. Total rubbish. The slandering will end the moment he puts in one or two brilliant performances like he did last season. I completely agree with GMANUTD that he should be a role model not only for young footballers but everybody else by showing that one’s personal life should not affect performance on the professional front.

  12. let him decide when he wants to hang his boots. the guy’s a legend.i say he finds Solace in the football pitch when he only has 1 goal to think about. n i m sure he will put up some brilliant performance to make up

  13. If Giggs retires, Man U’s attack takes a huge hit. While they’ll still be able to compete for the title especially with 3 of the best forwards in the game, Giggs creates so many opportunities for them to score. (Look at Chicharito’s goal in the second leg of their Champions League match against Chelsea.) Neither Ashley Young nor anyone else can replace Giggs. Sure, he looked his age against Barcelona, but that was just one game. We don’t know if he can still be productive, so I say give him one more season.

  14. Of course, not. It’s so sad to say, but is time, for our welsh Wizard, to hang up his boots.

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