7 thoughts on “Will Ashley Young be ‘Underwhelming’ for United?

  1. I don’t think it’s whether he’s a good player or not, he is definitely a brilliant winger, but the one we need? Maybe not, but I trust Fergie to get things more or less right

  2. Great signing by SAF,the lad can play and no mistake,how anybody can critise him when weve got the likes of Anderson is beyond me.The lad can cross, shoot, pass, dribble and play as a striker!put it this way, the bitters and scouse were lurking about, but he chose the Champions instead, that speaks volumnes folks!

  3. Villa fan here. We’re obviously sorry to see Ash go, a great player and a great servant to our club. But most of us don’t begrudge him the desire to go and play CL footie which we can’t offer him. I reckon he’ll tear your place up, scores a few, provides a lot of assists, great at set pieces, accurate long range passing and a great engine. He’ll do good at United.

  4. Glad to see your confidence in Young mate. Pity that some United fans don’t share it.

  5. I am sure Ashley Young is a talented and hardworking footballer. My worries are less to do with who we sign and more to do with our (as well as most English players’) lack of technical and ball retention skills. That is what needs to be addressed urgently at United if we truly want to win CL trophies consistently. This philosophy of fast pace football, while exciting for us fans, and long balls, has got to change if United and England are going to catch up with the likes of the Spaniards and the Germans (did you see Mueller, Ozil, Khedira, etc at the World Cup?) at the highest levels of football.

    Most probably do not know this but Liverpool made a very smart move recently to bring in two youth team coaches from Barcelona. These are the same coaches that worked with the likes of Iniesta, Xavi, Busquets, and Messi when they were in the Barca youth team. If they manage to do what they did at Barca, we could be seeing future Liverpool players play football the right way in about 4-5 years time.

    United and SAF must address the core reasons for our inability to match Barca tactically and skills wise. Else, it will not matter who else we sign during this summer, the next, or any other for that matter in the seasons ahead. We WILL continue to fail against tactically superior opponents and keep having to rely on our so-called never say die attitude (ala 1999) and luck (2008).

  6. A Villa fan. Will watch this one with interest. Its only been this last season he’s really hit some form. Before that all I remember is being fed up with the guy. Predictable and inconsistent.
    Your only saving grace is SAF and your coaches. I hope he does well. He’s a great player in the making and from an England point of view he couldn’t be with a better coaching staff.
    I remember Dwight Yorke being an “up to 20” goal a year man. You got him and he topped 30.

  7. I think Young has plenty to prove still – even at his age there is plenty he can add to his game especially consistency as Terry said but Pete K hit the nail on the head – it’s not so much the players but how they play. To play this style of possession football you need good players but they need to be learning this from knee-high. The frenetic gung-ho PL style is great to watch but maybe football is changing and we need to adopt new methods to stay competitive.

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