4 thoughts on “Sneijder is still on…and other transfer gossip

  1. I think united are well short of players, they need an attacking midfielder defensive midfielder, right back if oshea leaves, around another 50£ million needed, this current team won’t even win premier league never mind euro up.

  2. Sneijder will be the perfect add for United. We already have a defensive line with players that know themselves really well. Short line of players? United has two new goalkeepers, two young forwards with a powerful capacity of scoring, the Da Silva twins, three talented and experienced defensive midfielders(one more wouldn’t be bad) and the three attack midfielders Young, Nani and Valencia. So far, United has the best squad of all Premier League teams. Still Sneijder is a must have and will reach his player perfection under SAF instructions.

    That’s just going to be enough to achieve the Treble, for sure.


  3. Sneijder, M’Villa, Sturridge (if Berbatov leaves), & one right back (if O’Shea leaves), as Dave mentioned before, will match perfect to the squad as it is.

  4. i prefer sneilder than any other mildfielder player nd l will be very happy if i see him playing 4 man u. Red devil 4 life

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