Sneijder is still on…and other transfer gossip

Do I smell a bit of wheeling and dealing here? It’s well known that Fergies major target this summer is snaring Holland international Wesley Sneijder from the San Siro. Is he simply putting pressure on Moratti to go all out for Schweinsteiger in order to make it more likely for Sneijder being made available? I hate to be cynical but this is beginning to look like a multi million pound poker game

Sneijder to United…and other transfer gossip

Transfer stories are a dime a dozen. Very few have genuine substance, we always take them with a huge amount of cynicism yet they cannot be totally ignored in case there’s the slightest grain of truth in them. Some media outlets are obviously more reliable than others so Truly Reds is prepared to report the gossip and give a rating of 1 to 5 as to how believable it’s likely be. A rating of 1 can almost certainly be dismissed out of hand while a 5 may give the story some creedance. Have a look at what’s being reported but be warned – only believe what you want.