6 thoughts on “Red Dead Podcast 5 – Sweethearts World Cup, Tw@tter and Stolen Bikes

  1. Really enjoy the podcasts guys. They should REALLY be interesting when the new season starts. As for the ‘Ladies’ World Cup, I even found myself watching and enjoying some of the action – and that’s saying something! Here’s a thought from left field, I can see the day when football will be played by mixed male and female teams. And why not? If a woman is good enough – and that must be the ONLY criteria, what’s to stop her? It may not happen in my lifetime bit it will eventually come.

  2. Cheers mate, glad you enjoyed it. Yeah it’s hard to find enough things to talk about in these barren summer months, can’t wait until the new season starts and we actually have football matches and results and players performances to talk about!

    Yeah I really didn’t think I’d enjoy the ‘Ladies’ World Cup but the final really was a cracking game, can’t fault any of it (apart from the pens of course!) Don’t see why the can’t have mixed teams, although I’m not sure the women will ever be as good as the men. I’m not trying to be sexist or anything, it’s just that I’m sure that any evolutionary biologist or sports scientist or whatever will tell you that that’s just how it is. Even the Williams Brothers would get their arses handed to them by most men on the tennis circuit.

  3. Can’t see women playing with men Frank – the vast majority if not all would not be able for the physical side of it. As Tom says that’s biology and not chauvinism. I think taking it further men are better technically – not just in football but in any sports I can think of – for instance in Darts there should be no advantage yet look at the 3 dart avergage for men and then for women. There hasn’t been a winner of the men’s BDO final whose 3 dart average was less then 90 since 1995. In womens the highest ever has been 87.

  4. Fair points Murty. Just to make myself absolutely clear, I’m not suggesting for one moment that womens teams will ever play in a competition made up completely of men and women sides. My point is that SOME female players like Marta and the now retired Mia Hamm could have easily held their own playing in a men’s team if the rules allowed it. Maybe not the Barcelonas of this world – although who knows in the future? but plenty of less illustrious ones. The physical side of the game? You can rest assured that there are some female players who are physically stronger than someone like Lionel Messi to mention just one. I know absolutely nothing about darts but the difference in averages may be due to the general fact that males would have spent many more years playing and practicing than their female counterparts. All this is still many years away of course but I cannot see why it will not eventually happen.

  5. Some women probably play a lot better than many men we see in televised matches but as for women playing along side men, not sure this will ever happen for various reasons. Would men really be as aggresive when tackling a women player?

  6. Messi is no weakling Frank! Some women might be stronger? Perhaps that’s true but Messi is no wimp – just because he doesn’t put the boot in himself doesn’t mean he’s soft – look at the kickings he gets game after game and he still goes out and does the business which would make me think he’s a tough little bastard. If a woman took half the kicks he did how long would she last?
    Another point – Imagine Frank a tackle like Stokes’ Ryan Shawcross on Aaron Ramsey -the outcry (mostly from Arsene Whinger)was tremendous – If that had been a woman what would have happened?
    Could you have men and women in the same showers? What happens if they want a baby or get pregnant unintentially? Would they get paid the same? If it happens it’s lightyears away and football would have to be very different to accomodate women.

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