4 thoughts on “The SUPERFAN guide to the new season

  1. Mate! You got it!

    I am really sick from those superfans, sepcially when it comes to Berba…for them its a red line… You are a glory hunter and maybe citeh fan if you give your opinion about him!

    “let’s not forget, that we can do better as fans, and fanaticism and passion shouldn’t always go hand in hand with subservience.”

  2. Thanks Liam.. I hope ppl who criticized De Dea read this article. they want a 20 years old lad who just kicked off his career with us to be like VDS from his first game…grow up and leave him away from the pressure to see him improving!

  3. Da SilvaS Fan – Nothing wrong with supporting your players, hurling abuse, ironic applause and cheering when players are subbed doesn’t help anyone, a guy sat a few does behind me would hurl all sorts of abuse at Fletcher and it dumbfounded me, but constructive criticism is much more beneficial than mindless unconditional applause.

  4. United4Ever – I wholeheartedly agree, I’m not sure if you saw sky’s coverage of the WBA game but the commentary was shocking, everything De Gea did was under the microscope. It wasn’t the best of starts, but other than Dzecko’s goal I thought he looked good against City, to write off a 20 year old would be quite outlandish. Don’t be afraid to criticise, but also have patience, as many have said, even Schmeichel didn’t get off to the best of starts and he was 7 or 8 years older than De Gea!!

    Also to the both of you, thanks for reading and posting your comments.

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