6 thoughts on “Mourinho talks Sneijder out of Old Trafford

  1. Jose Mourinho should never cast a shadow at Old Trafford,he is great coach,but seems unstable he has no class,better at the Arab side.We should look to Ole Gunner Solkjaer,when he finish’s his time at Molde.

  2. Dear Wesley , did it ever occour to you that Maureen and RM have a vested interest in keeping you away from United ?There is little or no chance that Hosey will ever manage us having exposed his character RM v Barca !You should collect your thoughts get the head straight and make your own choices .

  3. hah José thinks he has a vested interest, not wanting to meet United with Sneijder in midfield.

    We needed a player in midfield who could make decisions, the last thing you want is one phoning an opposing manager asking which is the best pass to make. (Sarcasm)

    Funnily enough there are other reports suggesting he will be the subject of a £30m January bid…….. I don’t think I can go through it all again.

  4. @sapper – no-one wants to go through that saga again.

    Personally I think sneijder is a bit of an asshole. It seems he thinks the sun shines out of his own arse and since the transfer window closed he’s come out with a whole load of comments which didn’t do anything to improve my opinion of him.

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