5 thoughts on “Sir Alex says Benitez is on the scrapheap

  1. Its a pity thing 4 mr rafael benitex,my prayer 4 him is dat G od should gave him a good job,but,he should think straight.

  2. It’s a misquote, Fergie did not say Rafa was on the scrapheap, he just said he was jobless and not considered a friend.

    Rafa was giving the interview to defend his sacking after only six months, but it was the usual bleating about not being allowed to buy players.

  3. Correct Sapper, but please read between the lines of what Ferguson was saying. He’s far too diplomatic to be as blunt as I was!

  4. Sorry Sapper, I forgot to add that Rafa has a history of creating problems at every club he has been, La Liga, Premier League and Serie A. I just cannot see any serious club wanting to touch him with a ten foot pole.

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