11 thoughts on “Welcome to Hell Manchester United!!!!

  1. Probably more man u fans in Turkey than there are in the whole of the UK. Heard Turkey has the highest concentration of man u supporters outside of salford/surrey.

  2. It’s history like this that means Man U will never be considered one of the great club sides of world football. Premiership, of course, but not European or world football. No-one likes them.

  3. Gremlins your comment reeks of jealousy. PS: This is a blog for MANCHESTER UNITED fans not for those from Liverpool. U might be lost mate. Unless U secretly fancy being a Man United fan…..

  4. Einstein, you’re not that clever after all. Turkish clubs have given other clubs even fellow Turkish clubs hostile reception. What has this got to do with United as a one of the great sides in Europe or the world. We are one of the superpowers of the European and world game. We might not have won as much as Milan or Real but still we’re ONE of the powerhouses. Not Chelsea, not Man City, not Arsenal. Its us and Liverpool that represent England.

  5. I’ll never understand why people come into a Utd blog with the sole intention of posting silly comments. I really couldn’t be bothered going into a rival teams’ blog and reading it let alone posting anything. Like Ras said most are probably closet Man U fans.

  6. LIGHT UP….. Light up even though you cant here ma voice, light up asif you have a choice?
    Cmon United, cmon united.

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