24 thoughts on “Lucas Moura and Robin Van Persie to Manchester United!?

  1. u have just said that manchester united (SAF) would not pay 30mil for a 19 year old. well we already have payed 30 mil in the past for an 18 year old (rooney). moura looks like a great player but i agree with u, we need moutinho/modric type of player.

  2. If you think you get him for 20 mil you must have been drinking from the same bottle as old whisky nose !!!!

  3. Danish Gooner – Fuck off you cunt. Why don’t you worry about your own team and seeing van persie joining city and taking your two bob shit fucking team apart next season and watching that peado cunt wenger topping himself. You fucking cunt..

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  5. Rooney was bought for £25.5 million. But i think Moutinho would be a perfect fit for the team (KingEPL)

  6. So you reckon he wouldnt pay 30million for a talented 18 year old ? He paid 7 million for Bebe for God`s sake and he is abysmal !!

  7. We need a WORLD CLASS central midfielder not a PROSPECT. I would rather pay £30 nillion for Moutinho because we know he’s a top class player at the highest level.

  8. rustar – This is a United blog, so why don’t you fuck off and post on to a site of whichever shit club is that you support you missing chromosome fucking cunt.

  9. We dont need RVP now because we have Rooney Welbeck and Chicharito but wee need devensive midfealder like Tiote, Boquets, Khadira, Barry, Mascharano, Gustavo, Scot Parker and Javi Garcia SAF plz sign these type players

  10. It posible for manchester united to sing lucas moura 30million pouns but he must sing luka modric too and joao mouchino and robin van person

  11. Toomany speculations…too many hesitations from fergie n Man u and that result to no trophy last season hope fergie got necessaries lesson from last failures….Man U need 4 or 5 big names such as Gaitan….Martinez….Modric….etcetc.

  12. danish and ruster assholes go to ur own website if u have one. Arse-nal shitters losers everywhere.

  13. The person talking doesn’t know what he is saying,moutinho is not even worth £15m self.we already ve weak carrick and want add another weak moutinho.we gaitan,modric,moura or even tiote.they re all better than moutinho.didn’t u watch euro?did u see any shot on target from moutinho,always off target

  14. Shut the fuck up all of you lot cuz thera a possible chance of modric joinin man utd n van persie we havnt made a bid for him u idiots

  15. I don’t know what im talking about? Firstly. Pretty sure Moutinho is a midfielder not a STRIKER! and Moutinho put in a man of the match performance against Spain. He stopped them from passing….you my friend don’t know what you are talking about.

  16. Plz….plz…we dont nid van persie!with kagawa-rooney-chicharitos partnership,we need mountinho or tiote!

  17. Apparently United have bid for Moutinho 25 mil and Porto have accepted it also Moutinho has agreed terms so watch this space. Don’t know anything about any other signings apart from a guy from Exeter Sean Goss Midfielder one for the future 16 years old £100,000 suppose to be really good.

  18. Yes i wold like to see Lucas Moura cuz he is a good player. And also i like to see Modric at Old Trafford both.

  19. We need rvp and moura before man united transfer complete, we need this two player at old trafford next season.

  20. All rubbish!.we don’t need RVP, we don’t fuck’n need Moutinho coz he’s fuckin good 4 a second class team like Tottenham.we need Lucas Moura and leighton Baines, Modric can rot in his own Ego pray he goes 2 madrid and watch his career rot on bench.meschew!

  21. yes, I agree with you, RVP coming will be a waste of efforts spent in negociations, there are players in other positions we need more than RVP. And about Lucas, for São Paulo he´s a big star but for us there are better options, trust in me, I watch brazilian football and I see Lucas las a lot to grow, maybe he can make a big difference at man utd, maybe not…

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