24 thoughts on “Made in Japan: This is what will you see soon at Old Trafford!

  1. United can no longer sign Top Class players like Hazard, Nasri, Silva, Yaya Toure, etc. They cannot compete to richer and better clubs like City and Chelsea.

    The only thing United can do is to sign second grade or third grade players like Ashley Young, Kagawa, etc. or unknown players like Chicharito, Smalling and tell (lie) their supporters that these players are top class which in fact they are NOT. SAF keep saying that there are no value in the transfer market, but if those no value players help CIty to win the EPL, so what are players that United sign?? It’s means they are worse than no value. isn’t it?

  2. I agree with you but not %100! United offer was accepted by Lille and Man United has matched what Hazard asked, but It was his decision to choose Chelsea not United, he said that he made his decision based on minutes on the pitch (So he could choose United) but I am sure he selected Chelsea to live in London …etc

    At the end of the transfer window we can conclude If the managements were true about their promises to sign good players.

  3. GAZZARO you are retarded, how are Ashley young and kagawa second rate or third rate yet you say players like nasri who has contributed absoloutly nothing all season is top class.

    you claim city and chelsea are richer and BETTER?! city were level on points with us at the end of the season and chelsea finished 6th.

  4. Gazzaro, why are you on this site !!! You are obviously not a Man Utd supporter, making statements that Chelsea and City are better clubs than Utd. There is no way these two clubs are better than Utd.

  5. Agree with your point Simon.

    I am sure we will sign good players who can strength the squad. We only have to wait

  6. I’m a Manchester United fan and have supported this team since 1985, the time that Norman Whiteside scored a terrific goal to win us the great F.A.Cup.

    Sometime Reality is sad but we have to accept it. The fact is now United cannot compete financially with City and Chelsea. It’s no point to say that we are the richest club in the world but when it comes to the time that we have to compete for the signature of top class players, we always lost out. The Glazers have used our financial for their own debt, but SAF keep saying that the Glazers are good for the club. Do you think this is real???

    Players like Ashley Young is a real second grade player. If he’s in City or Chelsea squad he will always on the bench. He has no dribbling skills and always struggling when he has to beat any defender. Young is a good set-piece taker, but his quality will never good enough to replace players like Giggsy.

    It’s no point to keep praising our players that they are great which in fact they are not that good. In the current United squad, the players that can be rated as top class players are Rooney, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra, Scholes, and Giggs. Players like Valencia and Fletcher are very good players. Players like Welbeck, Cleverly, Jones, De Gea are good for the future. However, other than that, I’m afraid to say that they are simply not good enough to play for Manchester United really.

  7. GAZZARO you dummy you must be closed minded to think City and Chelsea are suddenly a bigger and better club than United because they’ve come into money it’s like dressing Rab C Nesbit in a limited edition Armani suit.The clothes don’t make the man and the money dosen’t make the club.City will get plenty of glory hunters thats for sure.I’m not bothered at all about Hazard ,we need a central player like Kagawa much more

  8. Gazzaro, get a life and stay away from the red devils.
    United will rule forever, once the FFP rules kick in, only
    teams with masssive global brands will benefit, Chelsea is not rich,
    Man city not rich, its their sugar daddies who are rich.Man United is the most valuable club in the world hence they will always compete.

  9. I’m realy excited about Kagawa he could be the player we thought we were getting when we signed Anderson.

  10. Kagawa is good,has an eagle eye,got composure,he comes from a rather physique league.Am very sure his combination with Rooney will be fantastic..United will be stronger next season.Who want Hazzard anymore?

  11. I dont think hazad is better than kagawa base on club and country performance. Cos german league is bigger and better than french league, therefore having won bundesliga consecutively, beaten bayern home and away, won german cup against bayern and scoring 10 goals in 30 games for japan as against 4 in 27 for belgium by hazad is a credit that speaks volume. It is only that he is asian while hazad is european.

  12. Manutd squad is unique in that they play as ateam in which every one is comitted to aspecific role and thats y some people see them as second degree players but believe me if the tactocs changed to worse u will see them as u wish gazzaro but u will get no titles at the end of the story coz u might play half of the season top class but the other half as a bottom class just like silva and nasri 😉 ..

  13. The point is to have a good central mid to improve the squad…

    Most of us are agree that the Glazers are not using OUR profit to improve the club (They suck most of the money out of the club) That is what Gazzaro was trying to explain …I respect his view but it doesn’t mean i have to agree with him…

  14. Fully Understand what Gazzaro trying to say….

    If SAF signed players like Yaya Toure, Silva or even Nasri in midfield, there is no chance that City will beat us and win the title.

    On the other hand, if City got players like Young, Anderson, etc., they will never good enough to win the title.

  15. Thanks FERGIE again, we want players who love MAN United at heart, not “EDEN Harlot”

  16. Afact remains fact but we can’t compete with city like before,glazer family donot have money

  17. kagawa is avery good player but still we need number six plus adefender,striker, please sir you go for modric now

  18. If city and Chelsea or so much better then Man utd,they would have finished with far more points than us,Man utd and city finished level on win,draw and lost.I,m not making excuse for most of the season we lose FLETCHER, valencer,NANI YOUNG, ANDERSON,VIDIC at some point. We were hit hard by injury and still manage to finished level with city,City lose one player through injury and two on African cup duty.In yesrs gone by players wanted to play for Man utd because it was the place to be,now City and Chelsea can make a player a millionaire in just one month,we cant do that!So we not go for player who want to play for us.

  19. SAf said himself FFP will have no affect on city in the transfer market, and the truth is, it won’t, not with the kind of money city have and their brand is constantly expanding. Now i’m a united fan but City are the real deal, their going to be there right with us and united fans have to stop burying there heads in sand saying the same ol’ “they’ll never be bigger or better” news flash, they are.

  20. Sir really nid 2 buy mre player dat cn bring out creativity in our mid field. Paul is fading away. Plz SAF do sumtin 2 restore our hope says:

    SAF it rite time 2 search 4 replacemt of paul, if we realy nid trophy

  21. i dont think money makes you better all the way to silverware. city only won this year because united were not top of their game, but it was united{s league to loose (even city fans coudlnt belive they had won the league, it was luck). the most winning team in the world right now is barca and dont spend nearly half as city or chelsea do, i dont like the glazers because they bought the club in a fully lev eraged operation that darins some 50mm us a year on interest alone. in the end, do they want the team to be another business venture or a football project for generations, that is the question,

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