6 thoughts on “Goodison Park Match Analysis – What’s the Fulham Plan Fergie?

  1. Everton were not using long ball tactics. Just because fergie said so afterwards. Watch the game again.

  2. One thing you have to remember, 4-4-2 formation no Kagawa

    4-2-3-1 – no Rooney, Valencia, Scholes. The best players of United for this formaition are: 4 defenders, 2 def midfielders (Powell/Carrick, Cleverley), 3 adv mid (Nani, Kagawa, Anderson), attack (Rooney or RvP)

  3. So are you saying if Roy Keane were in the team against Everton we still would have lost? I agree on the wide positions though. We are too slow for that now. It only works if your wingers can flat out kill anyone on the filed for speed as in the Giggs, Kanchelskis and Sharpe days. We don’t have that pace anymore and it hurts us.

  4. I agree with the majority of the blog. However I don’t agree with allowing Carrick’s failings being attributed to the fact he’s a midfielder. He’s a seasoned pro and in his pre-season interviews he speaks of fighting to reclaim the title. So surely when moved to centre back he would realise that this fight and physicality would have to be increased two-fold to compete with Fellaini. Simply saying he’s midfielder is naive. When Owen Hargreaves, a terrfic central midfielder (when fit) played at full back during our Champions league winning season, he fulfilled his duties as a full back brilliantly. It’s this complacency and eternal search for excuses that could cost United the title. That and Wayne Rooney. Quite possibly the most overrated player in English football.

  5. Jimmywhispers, Everton attempted more than 20 diagonal balls to Fellaini. I watched the game mate. They definitely played it long more so than trying to play with their midfield duo of Gibson and Neville.

  6. KJ, with all due respect, Carrick isn’t that type of player. You can’t learn how to play at CB in a quick amount of time. It takes a lot of preparation, experience, discipline and concentration. It’s simply a different beast to playing in central midfield. Carrick plays as a makeshift CB because he has good positional discipline.

    You can’t expect a player who, in a defensive sense, plugs up holes by being in the right positions and makes interceptions to be similar to a Vidic-type center-back and just automatically up the fight and physicality. These players aren’t robots. They have their limitations and Carrick is not known for his physical play in the same sense as other defenders. No need to be harsh on him. The lad’s done well to be in a position he’s not well accustomed to.

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