10 thoughts on “Manchester United v Tottenham – Back to the Drawing Board

  1. Kagawa looked like he was low on confidence in the first half… He got bullied off the ball too much.
    Second half we had Rooney, Van Persie and Kagawa all getting at Spurs defence which forced the whole team back. I felt a bit sorry for Giggs cos he’s getting a lot of flak for the way he played, but the formation in the first-half suited Spurs more than us, and allowed Dembele and Bale to attack us more without having to worry too much about our midfield getting forward.
    I’m hoping Anderson gets another chance in midfield soon.

  2. Hey graeme, thanks for commenting. I dont think Kagawa was low on confidence, we weren’t getting the ball to him in good positions. If you look at how he played with Dortmund, he always had space to turn because his teammates found him early and were also close enough to him for the return pass or an advanced pass. Scholes and Carrick were too deep. I definitely think Kagawa can perform better but it’s obvious he’s still settling.

    Giggs shouldn’t start anymore. Just not good enough. Not in these type of games.

  3. Really great analysis Eddie. Look at our last game against Spurs at Old Trafford, Cleverley and Anderson ran the mid and united were a joy to watch with their quick one touch passing and energy, we ended up winning 3-0 as a result. During last season we did not miss Scholes up until both Anderson & Cleverley got injured. We love and appreciate Giggs and Scholes bt truth be told they are not getting any younger, its time we gave our youngsters a chance.

  4. Thank you for the kind words. Hopefully when we play against Newcastle, we’ll field a much more coherent midfield.

  5. Games are coming thick and fast but if Fergie and his coaches don’t stop playing all the invalid oldies, we are in for a disappointing time.

  6. To be honest I was starting to panic at half time haha… After the way we played against Liverpool I was worried that we’ve lost our way.
    I think it helped Kagawa when we had Rooney in attack as well. I was probably a bit harsh on him because he only really had Van Persie up with him in the first half and it seems that our midfield were content to stay deep and try to pass the ball about without really making an effort get behind Dembele and Sandro. I think if we had Anderson or Cleverley in the side as well as Rooney we would spend a lot more time attacking than defending.

    Although I wonder how we would have done had Valencia been fit enough to play on the right, with Nani on the left. I think Bale would have had a bit more defending to do if Valencia was on the pitch, plus he works harder to win the ball back than Nani and might have tracked Bale when he went charging through to score.

    I just want to see Giggs get a Premier League goal to keep his record going. Bring him on as a sub if we win a penalty.

  7. You’re certainly right Rooney’s inclusion helped our attack. I think our wingers are a bit off form for once and it’s affecting our wide play. Nani does good defensive work. I think he got caught out for Vertonghen’s goal and then we failed to react properly to the situation.

    In a sense, it’s still early days so no reason to hit the panic button. It will be interesting to see how Fergie chooses for future EPL matches. We’ve got big games coming soon.

  8. good article, thanks for the first half, united are still a great side, this result was always on the cards, lets not kid ourselves the 2nd half was all yours, no fingernails left we hung on. spurs need credit for taking the game to united, AVB tactics were spot on regardless of what the anti press have to say. all thats left to say is united deserved the draw, but history says we deserve some luck against united, ball over the line by a yard springs to mind, i think united will still win the league, but what a great game.

  9. I did give you credit. AVB got his tactics spot on. They were so spot on you lot didn’t even press us. For one, that’s how poor we were in the first half and secondly, you did well to catch us on the counterattack.

  10. All this crap about how well we played in the 2nd half. Give me a break! Tottenham sat back in the 2nd half and allowed us to play. Had they continued to play as they did in the first half we would have been mullered.

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