4 thoughts on “Missing a World class defensive midfielder?!

  1. There’s either 2 approaches to this problem. Either we go to pressing as a team or we do as you say and buy a “defensive midfielder”.

    With the players we have and our insistence to play 2 wingers, we’re better off trying to press as a unit. Buying a defensive midfielder doesn’t fix the gaps in between defense, midfield and attack. We would have faced the same fate against Spurs if we put De Jong next to Scholes. One man can’t fix our midfield issues. A defensive mid might be a step in the right direction but it’s a kneejerk one unless we change our system accordingly.

    Also, including any of our attackers in your argument doesn’t make any sense. It’s primarily a midfield issue as well as an issue with our tactical setup. Many fans act like buying RVP is inextricably linked to not buying a CM. That’s not necessarily the case as we bought Powell is a CM. He’s just a very young one and not the one many people wanted for our current issues in midfield.

    We don’t need players like Dembele either. In my eyes, he’s a similar player to Anderson. Sandro adds more bite to the midfield than him so not sure why we’d be after Moussa. The bigger question should be why are we playing a system and putting out players who repeatedly leave a lot of space in behind them and ahead of them in such big games?

    If anything we need mobility and energy in midfield combined with some defensive solidity. It’s not like we don’t have the players capable for such a task. The problem is, they’re not being played!

  2. Owen Hargreaves was perfect for the role. I wish he never had the knees of a 75 year old.
    Being able to win the ball should be a pre-requisite of all midfielders… as long as they know what to do when they get it.
    I think if Anderson stays fit we should stick with him. Spend the money on Neymar to go with Rooney and Rvp.

  3. Well I think that Darren Fletcher is the best at doing the defensive midfield job. He is no Roy Keane or Patrick Viera, but he has good distribution of the ball and his passing is very good. He tackles and closes players down and is assertive. I love Anderson also he shows more of a willingness to to go forward and score goals than Fletcher. Anderson certainly has more energy but I believe Fletcher is a better passer of the ball than Anderson. Flecher is more steady in his play.

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