8 thoughts on “Kagawa ex-teammate to join Man United

  1. We need to buy strong defender atleast one to stand in for vidict because we cannot aford to continue with this our porous defense if we really want to be succefull this season. I love manunited.

  2. Hummels would walk into our team, even if Rio and Vidic were fit…. Vidic might not be able to get back to his best because of his knee.

  3. i dnt knw ths player bt i thk we need som1 to play wth vidic or Rio coz our defence is very poor..

  4. I agree that Hummels would be a fantastic signing to play alongside Evans or Smalling with Vidic returning to Russia and the money from Vidic for Hummels.
    With the centre backs sorted I would like to see Rio play alongside Carrick for a couple of seasons until the likes of Powell, Petrucci and Tunnicliffe come of age.
    These three players when you see them in the reserves really excite me and they get better every season

  5. Good view Trevor,

    Do you mean that Rio shirt up to play as defensive midfielder?

    I think Rio will be a backup defender who can appear at the end of the game to secure the result

    the reserves are doing well…however I wish SAF gives them more chance to play with the first XI

  6. I agree with Big Boss about the youngsters. I watch the reserves and I think as well as Powell I think Petrucci should get his chance because he has been outstanding the last two seasons.
    Its a shame he never even gets a chance to sit on the bench

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