6 thoughts on “Choose between Javier Hernandez and Danny Welbeck…Why!

  1. If SAF starts out with the diamond formation he may prefer Danny. If he goes wide with 2 wingers and the 442 it will be RVP and Chicharito on top. 3rd option is to play the diamond with a winger and again that may be better suited for Danny. Plus, Chicharito played 80 mins on Tuesday, better to have as a super sub in case we find ourselves down in Stamford by a goal or two.

  2. CHICHARITO by far, I think ever since he got that head injury that kept him down, But I believe he is back in full force, he is an excellent header, plays with both feet and his ability to placed him self in seconds in the right box area is uncanny!!!

  3. Hernandez is without a doubt the better player at the moment. However Welbeck has much more potential in my opinion than Hernandez. Its a difficult balance for Ferguson to get right. Does he play Hernandez for the now or welbeck for the future? As much of a shame as it is we can’t play all four strikers. Playing three isn’t a good idea either as we lose width. He needs to find a way of giving Welbeck full 90 minutes on a regular basis. Its all very well saying he’s got time to develop but he’s already 21 and needs to start playing. Maybe loan him out?

  4. Chico, all the way.
    Danny first touch is poor and he continues to miss sitters. He also has no technical ability

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