7 thoughts on “Van Persie offered £300k to join Manchester City!

  1. Glad RvP is not a money grabing whore.

    But for Berbatovs misses in the FA Cup semi final (misses that actually cost him his United career) and United’s inexplicable collapse when 8 points clear with 6 matches to go, for all £1b that they spent, Manchester Shitty would and should have won fuck all.

    Ask any of their ‘big’ name signings, if they would have signed for Shitty, if they did not offer crazy money. Of course the answer is NO. David Silva was linked with United only a couple of weeks befored he signed for them, and he was stated that ‘it was an honour to be linked with United’.

    Shitty fans should not take too much pride in the ‘success’ they bought with filthy money!

  2. What a pair of bitter wankers !! All ifs and buts !! If utd won’t have had a plane crash they would never have made any money or won things . FACT

  3. Bollocks!, Van Persie took a pay cut then? why would Wenger know what we offered him and what did you win last season? Answers are no, don’t know and nothing! John you sound very bitter like the person on the podcast blaming Berbatov for your demise last season speaks volumes on the type of character you are!.

    CTID…. C.H.A.M.P.I.O.N.S!

  4. City in ‘trying to throw the cash about because their plastic’ shocker, whatever next? blue ketchup? forever in our shadow

  5. We won nothing, fact… But we didnt spend more than a billion to win the league in goal difference

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