4 thoughts on “Manchester United v Tottenham Hotspur: Two points dropped or one point gained?

  1. I fail to see how De Gea punching the ball OUT WIDE (as oppose to centrally) is anything but a good idea. For me, the young Spaniard is extremely unlucky to be receiving the level of criticism he has in recent days, especially given his performance over the course of the 90mins, and I can’t help but think that the media/Gary Neville is using that one incident to deflect from a game where, United were largely SECOND BEST.

    Could De Gea have been braver and attempted to ‘clean out’ all before him in order to get more purchase on his punch, albeit at the risk of injury? Quite possibly, but that IS easier said than done when your sitting in a Sky studio, without two 6″ft + central defenders bearing down on you.

    Personally, I think in the end it IS just a case of De Gea DONE WELL, BUT Lennon DONE BETTER, as, if it wasn’t for the Spurs wingers instant control AND superb vision, everyone would be talking about Davids outstanding MOM performance as a defining moment in his and United season.

    In truth, I think it is IMPOSSIBLE to argue that Spurs’ didn’t at least a point, and with another tough away trip already ticked off the fixture list, I think United will/should be delighted to have left WHL with the result they got.

  2. I am a Spurs fan, and have to say that De Gea kept Man U in the game! He made some amazing saves! Spurs had a few amazing chances and would have won the game if not for De Gea! He saved a few shots that nine times out of ten would have been in the back of the net, and I cant believe people are pointing the finger of blame at him, when Spurs would have blatently won that game if not for his great contribution!

  3. The headline says it all really, you obviously did not see the game as to question wether you dropped two points or gained one. Arrogance personified. COYS!

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