21 thoughts on “Why Thiago’s release clause is so complicated

  1. Good article that (sort of) explained why it isn’t quite as easy as some make out and explained some of the vague parts to me.

    Please don’t take the ‘sort of’ as a bad thing – I appreciate the fact you are honest about the fact you don’t know EVERYTHING about the scenario, rather than pretend you do like some journo’s would.

    Good read…

  2. Fantastic read this has kinda put my mind to rest,as lack of action going on thought deal was dead,just need to be patient.

  3. Can you give us any inkling of what kind of tax we would be looking at having to pay? I’m guessing it’s big tax because we would just pay it if it wasn’t…

  4. Very impressive article. It certainly cleared up any confusion I had about why the deal was taking so long!

  5. Best article I’ve read in what has been a week or two of garbage from the so called press.

    Well done and thanks for the hard work on putting a solid perspective on a complex issue.

    As for thiago I was losing hope. At least this explains it! Backed up by Moyes’ comments it makes sense. Sadly, I can see barca pushing option c until we eventually go for option b. I just hope its not the first option as we will pull out and be left without :/

    Again, thanks for the info!

  6. Hi David, we would be paying the VAT or IVA tax. I think it’s an 18% tax on the release clause fee which brings the total fee up to about 18-20m euros

  7. Hi Mark, I wouldn’t worry about option A. I follow Miguel Delaney and his source at United says the club are very confident of his signature. A deal can always fall through but I think we’ve got this one. We just have to be patient.

  8. Hi Eddie,

    Interesting article,the only think I can’t work out is where the figure of £40m comes from for option A – as far as I’m aware the income tax is %40 is Spain,so given the release clause is supposedly 18m euros/ £15m would we not be looking at more like £25m max?

    Not having a pop by the way, I’ve seen this figure mentioned several places but can’t figure it out.

  9. Hi Gaz,

    Thank you for your question. The most accurate figure is probably in the 25m range as you said. But the way I calculated it, I included the VAT and the extra fees for lawyers, tax officers, 44% on taxes and agent fees. Let me check up with some reputable journalists and I’ll get back to you. Sound cool?

  10. Thanks very much for this informative and interesting article. Fingers crossed it all gets sorted soon.

  11. You are very welcome. Happy to provide the info. There will be more hopefully in the future.

  12. Thank you richard. If you have twitter or facebook, please share it with your friends.

  13. Hi Eddie,

    That makes sense, cheers. Hope there isn’t any truth in this Bayern chat!

  14. Nice and well researched article. Got me to understand the snail progress we are making over the transfer saga. thumbs up

  15. Thanks for explaining it so well, I didn’t realise it was quite so complicated. It explains a lot. Can Barcelona draw out the negotiations past Aug 1st or is the date set at first contact?

  16. Barca technically could stretch it out unless we activate the release clause. I dont think Barca want to though. Mundo Deportivo reported about a month ago that Barca were entertaining offers for Thiago. They need money if they’re going to bring in defensive reinforcements. I think they just want some type of smokescreen for when Thiago leaves.

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