3 thoughts on “Thiago to Bayern – Full story behind the rumor

  1. Hi Eddie,

    I hope the situation gets resolved quickly. What player would the Bayern project not look attractive to? The real question however is, how many many players will be able to break into an already formidable midfield?

    Man Utd fan or not, I feel Thiago will be facing a similar situation he’s facing at FC Barca at FC Bayern (similarities in names should tell him something!) – insufficient playing time.

    Regarding the speculation, there is usually no smoke without a fire these days, so I would not totally discredit this source apart from the fact that other (if there are really any) reputable sources have confirmed it. I’ll therefore be expecting the worst (him going to Bayern) and hope for the best.

    Thank you for a good piece of investigation.

  2. There has been nothing mentioned on the German television news about Thiago. At the moment Guardiola only has to sneeze to get the cameras there, but it’s quiet. So,maybe, just maybe there’s not too much substance behind these rumours.

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