16 thoughts on “Time to clear the air on Cesc Fabregas

  1. As an Arsenal fan we have been discussing possible return of Cesc and fully agree cant see Arsene letting opportunity pass by to resign him at his prime. They do seem to have the same relationship an Sir Alex and Ronaldo had. He would be a fantastic signing for you just what you need but like you can’t see it happening.

  2. I came across this as it’s on Arsenal newsnow (I’m an Arsenal fan)

    It was an excellent and well researched piece. Enjoyed reading it. Cheers.

  3. No problem. I know our fans wont be happy reading this but I’ve had enough “clutching at straws”.

  4. I have been very supportive of AW especially middle of last season when he was under the most pressure I’ve seen, but to give up the option of resigning Cesc would push most over the edge

  5. A great review on the Fabregas saga that started when Man Utd missed on Thiago. the writer went back 2 years ago to bring evidence on why fabregas is only staying in the Camp Nou or going back to the Emirates. this is the perfect piece to understand the complexity of the move

  6. Great post, very insightful and balanced and as a gooner i do agree with you in that there will be three logical outcomes in this order:

    1)Cesc stays at Barca (Which i believe will happen)

    2)He leaves his motherland and returns to his father (Which i think he wants to do deep down)

    3)He joins United (Which i think is a long shot unless Wenger passes up on him which would be akin to playing Russian roulette with a fully loaded uzi)

  7. It was high time a fan with common sense explain why Cesc is NOT going to OT as most of the other MU fans seem to have lost their minds.
    P.S. And don’t forget about the “pizza gate”…

  8. No #3 claim has another flaw though. If Fabregas wants to move back to Arsenal he’d have to fuck Barcelona over with them taking a huge hit with the transfer fee if another clubs bid gets accepted.

    Maybe not his problem in the end, but saying that he truly loves his boyhood club and do anything to get there only to play a sneaky stunt when he may wanna leave seems also far fetched.

    I also have a hard time seeing him at OT, but that he’s using his agent to get back to Arsenal for a cut fee ( as Afc of course can buy him anyway if they reach an agreement with FcB like any other club ) doesn’t either seem likely.

  9. How would he be fucking Barcelona over if they’re the one accepting the bid? they would be putting themselves in that position knowing Cesc would only consider moving if they are willing to sell him.

  10. So Fabregas agent is out there trying to get a bid from UTD to test Barcelona loyalty, and if Barcelona where to accept a bid for him he would feel unwanted and keen to join Afc again?

    Ok then, never say never. I’m sure Afc would love to have him back and I’m sure Fabregas would consider it.

    But that UTD in this particular case would only make a huge bid without having no idea if Fabregas would considering leaving for the club doesn’t seem likely. UTD need to be pretty sure he’ll pick them before Afc to not look like they were played.
    Don’t think Moyes want to hand out birthdays presents to Wenger that easily.

    For more conspiracy theorys, it might be a swap. Fabregas to UTD and Rooney to Afc, and this is why Afc wouldn’t use the “first option” clause?

    Great article btw, just posting my thoughts

  11. Yeah that’s fine but United have been fooled before. It could very well happen again. I’m not underestimating Cesc’s love and respect for Arsenal & Wenger. Maybe our management have. We’ll see.

  12. Great piece, agree with much of it. But re Barca’s money issues, isn’t it more that they want the money to buy a centre back rather than they need the money in general?

    Also, what’s the original source for the Fabregas clause? It sounds strange to me that Arsenal would have this in place and not have told everyone about it.

  13. Maybe but in my opinion, that’s silly to sell a versatile center mid like Fabregas. Strengthening one area while potentially weakening another. Google “goonerinbarca”. I don’t have the link on me right now. There may be a reason why Arsenal aren’t so vocal about it.

  14. Looked up the blog. Interesting. Guess we’ll just see how it plays out. I’m still sceptical about the Arsenal clause but am definitely in the no-chance-he’ll-move-to-us camp.

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