6 thoughts on “A Closed Chapter: Thiago Alcantara

  1. waste of a good article. Closed the book on this one the day he signed for Munich. Should have done a write up on something else.

  2. Good article, although i still blame Moyes, Thiago was obviously the more realistic target and by far the cheaper one, if we’re talking value for money there’s no comparison, 15 million vs whats probably gonna be in the region of 35 million (assuming something materialises which it probably wont) Moyes should have made the quick swoop on Thiago, contacted the player and got it sorted before Guardiola ever had the chance to do it. We managed to sign Varela before Moyes officially took over, we could have got Thiago. Moyes’ fault

  3. Jola, Moyes couldnt do anything in June because he wasn’t officially the manager. The time to sign Thiago was before the Euros but I guess we thought we had a chance to seal it afterwards. At some point after the Euros, Pep called Thiago and according to the player, that’s when he made the decision.

    Varela was different as he was a Sir Alex signing technically. I agree. I think we should have went harder for Thiago but I can see why Moyes wanted to get Fabregas. Moyes isn’t the one who seals the deals anyway. That’s Woodward

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