5 thoughts on “The Rooney Ultimatum: Will He Stay or Will He Go?

  1. As an outsider and taking an independent view I would say the press & Media have a lot to answer for and not just with Man Utd. People get angry by some of the things they read because they start to believe it. Out of context is the main objective to sell a story and many time the are found to be false anyway. Why are they allowed to get away with it? Technically it is a form of assault on individuals because the are lied to believe a lie. Football clubs around the world should take a stand together in having only reposts made by club and players which could be clearly seen as fact and for direct for the horse’s mouth. Most of the time they feed of each like a cancer and someone must get the ball rolling to attempting to stop the spread of this illness!

  2. Thanks for your comment John. That certainly would be ideal. My personal view is not enough fans are demanding for full context quotes. It’s the age of soundbites and instant information.

  3. Thanks for the information regarding a players £ % when he does/does not hand in a transfer its cleared up a lot,as for the members of the press who take things out of context I think David Moyes will eventually toughen up and start barring certain members of the press in the way Sir Alex did.As for Wayne Rooney I hope he stays and gets back to his best !

  4. Wayne is still keen to stay at ‘OT’ despite any rumour linking him,he wanted all truth relating to his career at ‘OT’ looking a fresh starts simply implies, a fresh start under David Moyes, for the remainder of his career.

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