3 thoughts on “Fellaini: Is he United’s midfield solution?

  1. As an Evertonian, I have to say that “Felli” is a class act and will be a truly huge influence on any team he plays for during the next year as the Belgium squad are assembled for what will be their best chance for a long time of being in the top few teams of the World Cup. However, he may not be best suited to the short passing style that Martinez wants to bring to Everton. SO, if Man U want him, this is the best chance of getting him. BUT, Man U, don’t take the “proverbial”. £30mill is the figure that would get him. “Over The Top”? Maybe. but would your “noisy neighbours” City balk at that if their manager wanted a player? OR are you now resigned to being the “Poor Neighbours” in Manchester?

  2. If Anderson or Cleverley were at another club instead of being at Utd, I can guarantee every fan would have been screaming for the manager to sign them. The difference between Anderson and Clev compared to Fellaini and Modric is….they’ve never been fit enough to have a run of games. With Moyes that will definately change…as long as theres no activity in the transfer market.

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