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Is Patrice Evra’s Time Up?

During the past five seasons, Manchester United’s full-time left-back/part-time captain/wannabe winger has played more minutes than any other outfield player. Now though, the effects of all the non-stop playing is becoming visible to all. Is it time the United captain took some time off or moved on?

Manchester United World Cup Stars – Ji Sung Park

South Korea captain Ji Sung Park admits that qualifying for the semi finals of the 2002 World Cup was a little miracle but that it’s possible for it to happen again in South Africa. “Obviously 2002 was a great achievment for us, it was a miracle but there’s nothing to say that it cannot happen again” the 29 year old Manchester United midfield dynamo warned. But then Park quickly added that the odds of a repeat performance are very slim “Actually our goal is to get through to the second round and we don’t even think about going any further”