Why United is now too big for Manchester

There will be those who are bound to blame the hated Glazer family for the controversial decision which will see the super successful Manchester United commercial operations move to swank offices in Mayfair. The club has agreed a deal to occupy 11,500 sq ft of luxurious new office space in the heart of London’s West End. The deal is certain to exacerbate frustration from the club’s fans who feel their American owners have lost touch with its roots. Their latest move certainly hasn’t helped matters with many claiming that the commercial team should be based in Manchester.

Predictions…and wishes for United in 2011

Making football predictions must be one of the most pointless exercises of all. Most of them are only mere wishes or are purely based on gut feelings. But it’s the first day of a new year so it’s a practice that has come to be expected. After all no harm can be done except for the risk of ending up with egg splattered all over the face. Here goes with each ‘guess’ being identified as either a wish or a prediction in no particular order of priority. Football fortunes can turn very quickly and only time will tell whether even one of these ten turn out to be correct. One of them is likely to be highly controversial so let’s get it out of the way first up.