karim benzema

A reality that may soon be faced at Old Trafford

As every football fan must know, there are times when the hardest thing to face is reality. Ewood Park towards the end of last season was one example when the loss of two points looked certain to cost Manchester United a record fourth consecutive Premier League title. It was a reality which was replaced with forlorn hope that a miracle might still occur and without wanting to wish it, there’s a danger that another real possibility will have to be faced in the coming weeks.

Vidic may have played his last game for United

Chances that central defender Nemanja Vidic has played his last game for Manchester United appear to be increasing by the day as Sir Alex Ferguson accelerates his efforts to sign a replacement. The two front runners are Juventus’ Italian international Giorgio Chiellini and Denmark’s Simon Kjaer from Palermo. As well as an expected £20m bid from Manchester City for Vidic, Real Madrid also want to secure a deal by offering French striker Karim Benzema as a sweetener for a Vidic transfer.

United will not give in to players wage blackmail

It’s a well known fact within the game that many players believe that clubs will pay them whatever they demand for their services, or at least their own agents lead them to think that way. Granted, some clubs are totally irresponsible with the amount of money they throw around but Manchester United is not one of them. The club simply refuses to give in to demands which are nothing short of blackmail and has vowed not to break its wage structure.