England debacle will impact on the Premier League

The World Cup is over and done with for England. Another four years, another failure. Nothing new in that but this time the ramifications could be far more serious because it could have a negative impact on both the Premier League and its clubs – including Manchester United. The fans that have built up the league into what it is today are beginning to look through the veneer and they don’t like what they see. They don’t like a dressing room culture which has produced overrated, overpaid and over pampered prima donnas who are seemingly divorced from reality.

Cole may join Owen as Sir Alex hunts for freebies

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson pulled off one of the shock transfer deals of the season in July last year when he convinced 30 year old former England international Michael Owen to sign for him on a free transfer. The canny Scot is now reported to be poised for an encore by offering Chelsea play maker Joe Cole a contract to continue his career at Old Trafford.

Rooney and Berbatov rated best players at United

If anyone ever wants to open a can of worms amongst Manchester United fans all he has to do is say the word BERBATOV and you can be guaranteed that heated discussions will immediately follow. The Bulgarian will either be described as having the best football brain at Old Trafford OR that he’s a lazy, useless, overpriced flop. You rarely get anything in between except perhaps a grudging admission that yes, Berba’s not a bad player BUT he’s not suited to United.