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Pottering about with the enemy Stoke City FC!

Ahead of the game between Manchester United and Stoke City on Saturday we at Truly Reds have invited the excellent Stoke City fans website to a session of Questions and Answers. The editor of Stoke.vitalfootball.co.uk Lloyd Reddin is providing the answers on behalf of his site and we thank Lloyd Reddin for taking time out from his busy schedule to provide the answers to our questions.

The fan who has lived his United dream since 1974

Forget about your £200,000 a week footballers, multi million pound transfer deals, 25 year club managers like Sir Alex Ferguson, FIFA President Sepp Blatter’s World Cup and the mega buck television deals. Ask yourselves instead ‘Where will football be without the humble fan?’ You never see any lurid headlines in the newspapers about them unless a handful of alcohol fuelled ones create mayhem like the incidents after the Napoli game in Liverpool. Thankfully, for every one of those cretins there are thousands like Manchester United besotted Peter Bolton who was recognised by the official club website this week.

John Carey – Busby’s first captain at Old Trafford

If the name John Carey is mentioned to most Manchester United fans today, the response is likely to be a blank stare together with a puzzled question of John who? Yet Carey was the man Sir Matt Busby put his faith in to lead the first of his many teams after taking over the reins at a bombed out Old Trafford when World War 2 came to an end. The Irishman went on to captain the side at Wembley in the 4-2 defeat of Blackpool in the 1948 FA Cup Final and was four times runners up in the old First Division between 1946/47 and 1950/51 before United finally clinched the title in 1951/52