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Do we need to go into the January transfer market?

After witnessing Manchester United defeat against Blackburn Rovers for our New Year’s Eve match, I would touch on another significant matter to the football world, the opening of the transfer window. I have heard a lot of United fans voice out in blogs, newspapers and talk shows on the need for United to sign someone in January and I have been asked on my view on this topic a few times. My opinion on this matter is that I don’t believe Sir Alex Ferguson will sign anyone in January. If he does, I will be genuinely surprised now whether the surprise, is positive or negative, only time will tell.

Ferguson plans his last great team at United

An opinion piece appeared in The Daily Mirror this week in which some interesting points were made with regards to the possible revamp being planned by Sir Alex Ferguson for Manchester United. It will certainly be the last of the teams he builds in his near quarter century at Old Trafford with even the exact number being debatable because of his ability to have one team morph into the next.