3 thoughts on “Do we need to go into the January transfer market?

  1. we have been desperately in need of 2 or 3 midfielders with varying skill sets.

    and a rb that can make the spot his own

    but despite all the paper hype we probably wont sign anyone

  2. As I had written and predicted, if a signing was made it would be someone playing in North America, Scandinavia or Eastern Europe as the example I had given, Rafael Marquez. It would be ideal as a stop-gap measure for our thinning defence but I am increasingly sure that a signing would NOT be made. Overall, I do agree we need a defender whether right back or centre back or one who can play both and a creative central midfielder. We do need to sign someone or at least two world class players who is/are reaching his/their peak. Enough of signing promising youngsters. We gota quite a few like that in the club and I am sure they will do well as they mature.

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