Tom Cleverley

The Cleverley and Anderson partnership

If you ask Man United fans about Cleverley and Anderson partnership, they will be fond of the type of football we played with those two in midfield. However, they’ll also tell you how open we were. I’ve seen a good number citing how we leave too many gaps and won’t work until they strengthen their defensive positioning. These points are fair and good observations. However, I think there’s more to the issue than Ando and Tom and here’s why…

Dejection at Etihad

The biggest and most important Manchester derby of recent times brought with it disappointment and begrudging acceptance that the opposition deserved the win and were the better side for Manchester United fans. For some disappointment led to anger and frustration even. For others there was shock. We have never known it like this before. We have seen United claw back deficits to win titles before but we have never seen United claw back a deficit, establish a healthy lead with only a handful of games left to go and then relinquish the lead. Never ever! The closest compared to what we are experiencing now is having our own lead clawed back but that was when United were leading the title race; 1991-92,1994-95,1997-98.