2 thoughts on “Midfield Conundrum : What Led To All This?

  1. All the praise of past glory has gone to fergies head he is stubborn and still think that the squad is good enough to compete with the likes of real and Barcelona, as a result his coaching staff is also becoming complacent and one main person is Phelan. Queiroz used to handle training of the first team and drilled set plays and movement as well as a simple spot kick…..just look at how he trained Ronaldo at spot kicks, but now these guys can’t even hit the target if their lives depended on it, and this has to be blamed squarely on the training program. Time for fergie to go out to pasture and let some younger and more hands on guy to take over…..but definitely not Phelan cause he is truly a LEMON!!!!

  2. This is not a trick question right? “What has led to all this”
    If you seriously need to ask that question,I would respectfully suggest you spend more time pouring over Manchester United’s club accounts over the last 6 years.
    I agree also (if I were a Pit bull terrier on crystalized meths)sack the manager.It makes total sense, every- one can see this,thats on the very substance I previously suggested.
    There is a valid point however in the second in command, just the wrong name in Querioz suggested, never look back in anger 3 times.
    Ps Hope Frank is good, looking forward to seeing him back on Truly Reds.

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