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  1. The players are not playing for fergie anymore its obvious.Last years league [poor league]papered over some very serious cracks that Ferguson cannot admit are there or doesnt see them.[1] We needed at least two major midfield signings.[2]We needed a serious contender to Evra.[3]We needed a top coach.[4]We needed people at Old Trafford to tell Fergie that the youngsters are not as good as he thinks.[5]We needed to spend the De Gea money on other positions.[6] He needs to clear out his scouts [family included].[7]He should have sold Rooney for a seriously inflated price.WE ARE IN SERIOUS TROUBLE BECAUSE THERE IS NOBODY THERE TO TELL fERGUSON STOP.

  2. 1. Newcastle had a good game and luck was definitely on their side.
    2. There must be some kind of tension in the club, squad/coaches etc. The chemistry was not there tonight and was lacking for at least the last 2 games. Whats going on?
    3. Rooney is definitely not playing his top game, maybe recovering from new years.
    4. I think Fergie is doing best he can with what he has.
    In order for us to get on top and bring it home we need to bring back the chemistry, passing, reading plays etc.
    We still have a chance to turn this around and make this happen.

  3. I am so glad that man u loose their match and I pray they loose more and that is the reward man u get for tarnish Suarez name and for making loose our match against city. This season u will finish 5th on d table and u will be send parking from the europa cup because u will loose u matches.

  4. Congratulations to Mary for your stellar contribution, you in fact win a “Free Suarez” replica shirt, complete with Official Dalglish “Last nights dinner” staines and a delightful flaming cross. Well done

  5. AB Where weas the luck, Simply you were out played!

    Rooney is not on the Ball, is mind is elsewhere and I reckon he’ll be away to Sapin or italy in the Summer.

    Thanks for the 4 points

  6. A-B, were you watching the same match as the rest of us, yes we had some luck but you had the ref on your side the whole game as per usual.

    You were comprehensively out played, out fought and tactically slaughtered on the night, grow up and welcome to the real world where you don’t get to win every game year in year out.

  7. @Davich If I may say something on A-B’s behalf:

    I’ll start with your point about the referee, which is simply the usual confirmation bias that is so rife amongst football fans.

    You probably went into that match already holding the belief that referees are all biased an in favour of United (I’d love to see what a ref would say if you said that to their face). Therefore, every time a debatable decision goes our way you just jump to the conclusion that it’s all corrupt, because that corresponds with the view that you already hold, rather than thinking that, with it being a 50/50 challenge, there’s therefore a 50% chance that it won’t go your way, or that maybe the ref just got it right this time.

    Are you speaking of the penalty appeal, for example? Well after several replays the panel of pundits couldn’t agree on it, and I for one (amongst others) don’t believe it was a pen because the players simply got their legs tangled. But because the ref didn’t give it, you’re saying he must be biased?

    Take another example, when Rio jumped to head the ball from a goal-kick and ended up on the Newcastle players back (I forget who it was). The ref gave it our way, cue mental Newcastle fans and most likely talk in the stands of typical biased refs. But as the replays showed, and as the ref explained on the pitch, the Newcastle player simply leaned forward too much, looking for the foul by making it look like Rio was all over him.

    Your last point is simply childish in its implication of people having behaved in a way in which they haven’t (i.e. needing to grow up and join the real world).

    And you say we were “Comprehensively out played?” and “Tactically slaughtered?” Desperately pointless and excessive hyperbole to defend a weak afrgument I’m afraid.

    I’m not saying that Newcastle weren’t the better team or didn’t deserve to win, of course they did, but A-B is right in saying that our chemistry wasn’t there (which I’d say is what the first 3 points in the article relate to), and as you can see they’re are a take on events purely from a United perspectivve, as I’m not informed enough to make an opinion on Newcastle’s tactical tendencies for the season as a whole.

    This has nothing to do with growing up, it’s about United fans getting incredibly frustrated with the club not fixing glaring weaknesses that should be well within our capacity to amend. We don’t expect to win every game year in year out, again you’re simply resorting to hyperbole in order to give credence to a weak argument, but when you’re got the revenue, fan-base and recent core of players that we’ve had over the years, I don’t think it’s ridiculous to expect the team to have a competent midfield.

  8. Mary I think you are dire need of some english lessons, specifically concentrating on literacy. When you can spell properly, construct a lucid sentence and actually know what is going on then you can come and spread your misguided vile. Little saying here for you ‘better to be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt’. There endith the lesson.

  9. Thomas

    Some fair points you make but of course they are your viewpoint as a Manu supporter (presumably?). We outside of the circle of Manu supporters however see things somewhat differently. For a start, it is blatently obvious to everone except sky pundits that Manu get more than their fair share of what you call 50/50 desicions in their favour as well as unbelievably long extra time periods at the end of games.

    To be fair though, the same can be said for Chelsea & Arsenal over the years so it is not just a critisism of refereeing in games in which Manu are involved, I can tell you however from bitter experience over many years the same favouritism is not displayed for the rest of the teams in the PL.

    Regarding the penalty desicion on Wed night, I am sorry but we will just have to disagree on this, whilst I don’t think Rio intended to bring BA down I do think he clearly prevented a potential scoring opportunity as at the point when he stuck his leg between Ba’s he had control of the ball and would have gone on to get a shot away had he not been brought down. In my and most peoples view it was a stone wall penalty. I will also say that had that same thing happened the other way round and a Newcastle player done the same to Rooney or Berbatov or whoever then it would be 100% g/teed to have resulted in a Pen to you and no “pundit” would have dared argue otherwise.

    As for Manu fans getting frustrated at you curren position, well forgive me if I don’t swoon with sympathy over your desperate plight, you have the best manager in the UK, some of the best players in the world, a huge stadium with a massive fanatical following, you have won huge amounts of honours year in year out etc etc etc and you have the gall to complain that you are frustrated with your mid field.

    You are in my view in a transition period with many of your experienced players retireing and younger guys coming in to take their place, it is to be expected that you will sometimes struggle a bit until they bed in and gain the composure and experience they need to be up to the standard you are used to. I have no doubt that even with your illustrious blue neighbours spending a small country’s GDP on new players each season you will still be up there challenging at the top of the English & European leagues for years to come so try and stick with it like we poor deluded NUFC fans have done for the last 40 odd years of winning sweet FA.

  10. @ Davich.

    I normally do not comment, but are you out of your mind? Do you remember the Newcastle home game where Newcastle where given a penalty for a perfectly legal (as well as being superb) tackle by Rio Ferdinand. When ex-footballers and managers cannot agree whether your penalty appeal should have been given or not, you somehow proclaim to have a greater understanding of the game and say that it was a definite penalty. United by far have more decisions go against them in every single game. As a united fan i am used to that.

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