1 thought on “Bad Start To The New Year!

  1. I have to agree completely with what you have said. I watched the game against Blackburn and thought we really can’t get any worse than this, bloody hell how wrong was I? Against Newcastle we were just plain awful. I also have to ask the question of why was Valencia in a right defending position when we had a right back on the bench, I mean come on we keep hearing about all of these young players who are ready to burst on the scene, surely we must have a decent defender in there somewhere. MY next gripe is, can someone please tell Nani that his job is to pass the ball into the box for our players who can actually score and not to shoot pathetically at goal and miss them by miles. Although he’s scored a few goals, a striker he certainly is not. To be honest I don’t even rate him as a winger never mind a striker. I won’t even mention Carrick as I just lose my temper every time I talk about him. I still cannot work out how he actually managed to get a new contract. Lastly is Giggs, he’s just not good enough anymore as he cannot last a full game. Also his off the field antics have interfered too much with what he can do on field. I hope I’m wrong but I really fear another good hiding from the bitters.

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