Ravel Morrison

Move aside Cleverley, Pogba is here!

Now the title of this one might be rather annoying to some fans. Many (me included) have seen Tom Cleverley becoming something of a savior for our team. In truth, when we were 2-0 down against City in the Community Shield a while back, I was one among the many millions who were screaming for Michael Carrick to be taken off. And taken to the docks. And shot. Here was a boy who had singlehandedly turned the friendly against Barca on its head, sitting on the bench while we were stuck with a bumbling, slow, useless Geordie who wouldn’t be caught dead passing the ball forwards.

Ferguson is Cleverley handling young Tom’s career

It’s a hell of a wrap to put on a 20 year old but Sir Alex Ferguson is convinced that midfielder Tom Cleverley will develop into the long term replacement of Manchester United legend Paul Scholes. In what was possibly the best news to come out of Old Trafford this week, Ferguson has confirmed that Cleverley will not be loaned out as has been generally expected saying that “Tom has got outstanding qualities as far as goalscoring is concerned, so he is going to stay”