Red Knights

Sir Alex wants Ryan Giggs to become a Red Knight

Sir Alex Ferguson wants Ryan Giggs to become a member of the Red Knights. No, NOT the consortium of multi millionaires who are determined to get rid of the Glazer family but to join the exclusive club of Manchester United legends like Sir Matt Busby, Sir Bobby Charlton and himself who have been recognized with a knighthood by the Queen.

Clubs like United and Liverpool need a revolution

Truly Reds has never been radical or politically driven nor is it about to start preaching anarchy now. We believe however, that the time has come for football fans to take control of their clubs from the Gordon Gekko type greedy tycoons who are slowly destroying our great clubs and even the game itself. All shades of governments and self appointed football guardians like the FA, UEFA and FIFA are either unable or, more than likely unwilling, to stop OUR clubs from being financially driven out of existence by corporations who only see them as a means of making a quick, few million bucks. Football has sadly become all about the might dollar.

Forget transfer gossip, United’s future is at stake

So that’s it then. The decision has been made and it’s a final one. Who says so? The Manchester United chief executive David Gill that’s who. In an exclusive interview with The Independent newspaper he defends the Glazer business plan, dismisses the Red Knights and firmly insists that the club is ‘Not For Sale’. That’s it, end of story, any such thoughts are completely rejected out of hand.