5 thoughts on “Forget transfer gossip, United’s future is at stake

  1. Interesting point Phil. My only question is whether the Glazers have any rights to stop the debts from being sold

  2. Probably the Glazers do have that right but if they default, or look likely to, then that option may be present itself. So sad that the supporters and the club are now in conflict!

  3. It would be no use buying the debt unless the Glazers default, which they won’t. Even if they did the amount of equity in Red Football Joint Venture ltd at stake is limited to 30%. So the Glazers still remain in charge even if they default.

    Despite the protests, most fans don’t seem to care about the owners or the debt. The Glazers need only carry on supplying trophies and the protests will fizzle out. he G&G protest means nothing now and the red knights bid is dead. The boycott won’t work and that means we are stuck with the Glazers. Some might say better the devil you know.

  4. Some facts to consider…..1.Sir Alex will not last much longer..
    2.This would cause the value to go down
    3.The world economic situation is dreadful.
    4.The club will change owners within 2 years

    It’s all about the money….and brinkmanship…..
    Glazers will sell.They are just passing through.
    But are we really sold on the Red Knights…

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