St Johnstone

The man who spilled the beans on Ferguson

This is a piece which quite frankly is not for everyone. Its very length may mean that it will need to be read over a couple of sittings but if you want to know what makes Sir Alex Ferguson tick through the eyes of a man who spent two years writing the newly released biography Football – Bloody Hell, it’s one that simply cannot be missed. Ferguson was a fresh faced 18 year old playing for St Johnstone when author Patrick Barclay first laid eyes on him fifty years ago and has followed his career ever since. Barclay is The Times’ chief football correspondent and his revealing interview with’s Sam Rider makes compulsive reading.

The hat trick that changed Sir Alex Fergusons life

The destiny of Manchester United could have so easily gone in a totally different direction had the father of Sir Alex Ferguson taken the same decision as the rest of his extended family and followed them to Canada in the late fifties. It could have so easily happened as thousands of Scots were migrating to the new world in search of a better life for their families at that time. The young Ferguson was on the verge of doing the same when fate unexpectedly stepped in and changed the course of football history.