Tony Pulis

Pottering about with the enemy Stoke City FC!

Ahead of the game between Manchester United and Stoke City on Saturday we at Truly Reds have invited the excellent Stoke City fans website to a session of Questions and Answers. The editor of Lloyd Reddin is providing the answers on behalf of his site and we thank Lloyd Reddin for taking time out from his busy schedule to provide the answers to our questions.

Anderson on the way back but Stoke wants Gibson

If asked, you can rest assured that Manchester United Brazilian midfielder Anderson will be the first to admit that he’s a very a lucky man. Instead of preparing for the new season with his team mates at Carrington, he could just as easily be lying in a hospital bed in Portugal…or worse. He was fortunate not to suffer serious injury last month when he had to be dragged unconscious from the blazing wreckage of his high powered sports car in the early hours of the morning after allegedly spending the previous night in a nightclub.