2 thoughts on “History won’t win anything but it can point the way

  1. i think the current young players in the team can grow into good and great players but only if fergie gives some of the players games. i believe players like gibson, anderson, johhny evans, fabio, rafael, possebon, macheda and welbeck. That is almost a full team of promising players that can grow into good ones but this will only happen if they get games and so far players like fabio, possebon and sometimes anderson haven’t got enough playing time to show what they can do. its not enough to play them in carling cup games once every month.

  2. We defintiely have the bones of a premiership winning team but are a couple of players light in my opinion. A playmaker would be top of the agenda and also a defender depending on what happens with Vidic. I actually thnk we will be okay up front.

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