7 thoughts on “Cleverley is the joker in Ferguson's youth pack

  1. Nah he’s rubbish!!

    Never mind loaning him, you should SELL him to Leicester City to give your young foreign players a chance!!

    I reckon a valuation of £1 mill should get him off your hands.

  2. As a Watford fan I would love to see Tom back with us but I know it’s not going to happen ….. he is every bit a premiership player and would be a shoe-in for all but the biggest clubs, even then it’s only the evergreen superbness of Gibbs and Scholes that could possibly hinder his progression at United… but we all know that can’t last forever.

    To the average fan Watford may be an unfashionable place to send players but those in the know, know of their Harefield academy and it’s unique programme (modelled on Ajax FC) which makes Lilleshall look like a holiday camp. While training with the worlds best players is no doubt good and necessary experience, the real building blocks must be firmly in place beforehand and whilst big clubs scout talent, at Harefield they nurture it.

    I wish TC well and of course Sir Alex who hopefully will continue to support us with more quality loans whilst our still budding academy develops further.

  3. Staying here, the lad is the next big thing and a future talisman of the united engine room and staying here this year will be a massive boost for the kid. He will learn alot from playing with the greatest players in the world which will stand in good stead when he gets his chance to shine, we all know he has a nature gift and is flooded with silky skill and i cant wait to see him take it from the reserve and dazzle on the biggest stage of all.

  4. thx for passing by Brian… his stay with watford improved him so much as a player… and training with big names here will take him to the next level

  5. Nah.. we’re flush with Thai Dollar now boss… KING POWER!!

    Yes Brian I’m sure Watfords “Ajax” type academy is good but still they only finished 6th in the same group as LCFC, a group which we easily won by going the WHOLE SEASON UNBEATEN!!!

    Even ManU failed to do that in 12 of their games…

    Watch out.. that’s all I’ll say… 😉

  6. Don’t want to get in a slanging match on here foxy and you are right, Leicester have a history of producing some top players …. However, because Watford are such a small club, many of our older academy lads were our reserve and even first team players last season – obviously leaving the academy depleted….. the academy itself is pretty new and has done well considering.

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