27 thoughts on “Fans would like to see him at Old Trafford

  1. Noo .. we don’t need him.. We have Evra and will se Fabio become a hugh player 🙂

  2. he is a good player and he need to sign sum 1 who may be good anoth to replace scholes or giggs!!…..

  3. Bale aint good enough to play for us, he fits tottenham but be poor here. Cleverley, Obertan, Fabio are far better players, Bale doesnt measure up to anyone at Old Trafford and everyone i know (which is alot) laughs at the throught of us wasting money on this feller, the guy aint needed and aint worthy to be here.

  4. Bale is a quality player I would love 2 meet see at Manu fabio is a gd player but I don’t think he is gd goin forward aswell thts wit is gd bout bale he’s like evra likes 2 get forward also he can play on left wing which he can fill in for giggs nd bale wud b gd enough 2 play for Manu

  5. Oh you awful, awful fans. I’m an Arsenal fan and Bale is five times the player of Cleverley, Obertan and Fabio. Bale measures up to many players at Old Trafford. Replacing Scholes? Not being funny but scholes plays in the middle ffs. Sort it out.

  6. Let’s be fair, is Bale not as good as Era or any other left fullback?
    We don’t need him? I agree, ’cause we have Evra and Fabio is growing.

  7. He would have been a great addition for the price the Spuds paid for him. I think we did miss out on him and Ramsey.

  8. Surely no body should criticise bale although am not a spurs fan,hes avery brilliant player,en for me isee he can fit perfectly in the united squad.

  9. he is worthy enough for spurs but not for us…..he can show of but can’t create a chance for any1 else….we’ve far better class players already in our squad….GGMU

  10. The lad went 2yrs and 24 games till he was even apart of a winning side at tottenham, the lad was like a bad luck charm. aint good enough for utd by a mile, certainly couldnt lace Fabio’s or Obertan’s boots…stay in the pond at spurs where be safe, here he be a lil fish in a gigantic ocean swimming with the sharks at lunch hour.

  11. Would love to see him at United – He can play in three positions left back, left mid and attacking mid – we need him, we need someone to take the torch from giggs…

    and thats a natural left footer – this boys got potential.

  12. Cleverly, Fabio and Obertan better than Bale??????????!!!!!!!!!!! Funniest thing I’ve heard all year. This page is going round the net righ now. “Get behind United and we can rule the world” you’re becoming an internationally renowned laughing stock mate.

  13. Gareth Bale would be a top quality signing. He would not play left back because as anyone who knows he plays left wing for Tottenham and him and Evra would have a great partnership. If evra goes forward bale can cover etc.

    rafael ferdinand vidic evra
    nani scholes anderson bale
    rooney berbaTOP!

  14. He’d be a great addition, he’s a great talent Gareth. I don’t think we can get him though.

  15. danny, im the laughing stock yeah, f off back under your rock retard because it is you who the laughing stock wimmy boy. Cleverley and fabs are by far better then bale and any true blooded utd fan knows it, your prob the same danny retard that always embarrasses yourself on manchester evening news comment section so f off you fat twat, go mop a hallway some where…bale couldnt lace fabio’s boots, he certainly aint good enough to play for united, stay in the pond.

  16. Bale isn’t a man utd player we dont need him we have youngstars in that position that can do better than him.

  17. Hi guys, Big Man Utd fan here, never miss a game when we’re on the tv. Nothing beats getting my replica top on, turning on Sky and listening to Richard Keys and the gang talking about football!!!

    Bale is shit though, no better than Rafael or O’Shea, and definitely not better than Valencia. We sold Phil Neville a few years ago, so why would we want a younger version off him?!?!?!?!?!

    Great blog as usual guys, all the best!

    Adam Street of Oldham.


  18. Gets up and down the line well for a defender, but who needs a Welshman running down the wing anyway?

  19. Bale is an outstanding player, he would be the perfect replacement for Giggs, but spurs would never sell him.

    oh and Obertan and Fabio are not in fact Fabio is shit

  20. Yeah okay, we’ve got Evra and Fabio… What’s wrong with Bale? I’ll be welcoming him with opening arms when he comes to United, I can’t actually wait he is a great player and United need a few new good players in my opinion.

  21. I reckon his hat-trick against Inter proves he’s a very good player. To say he’s not as good as Obertan & Fabio is frankly a load of old bull. Not many players can score a hat trick at the San Siro, especially when the team is down to ten men & four goals down.

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