6 thoughts on “Chicharito is forcing United to ask ‘Wayne who?’

  1. The problem for Rooney is that he will be unable to play alongside Chico. Chico needs Berbatov, class wingers and Scholes, Fletcher, Giggs in midfield to give hime the passes. It is a terrific position for SAF to be in. How can you drop Chico for Rooney? We do not need this disloyal chap. Sell him to Stoke City.

  2. @albet. I do not agree with saying that rooney can’t link up with chicho. Rooney is a fast player, he is not selfish he always creat chances for his opponet to score. They is othe part of chicho you don’t know. He is very good at counter. You haven’t notice it bcos berba is not good at counter. Wazza will go down the mildfiled looking for ball, when he got it then counter attack with chicho will be deathly. Selling rooney would have been a big mistake for him and for the club. I have see no strike in this world who can replace Rooney and tevez in their stly of play. Aggresivenes, power, shot, durability, restles in the filed etc. The are always everywhere in the filed.

  3. Hate to jump the gun here folks but at this VERY EARLY stage, Chicharito may, and I emphasise MAY, be the best goal scoring signing in English football since Wayne Rooney, Fernando Torres and Didier Drogba. Fingers crossed.

  4. No reason for Rooney to not be able to play with Chicarito, he managed very well with Saha for a season and a bit

  5. Many will not agree but Rooney and Chicharito up front with Berba sitting behind them in the ‘hole’ sounds like a very tasty formula.

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