46 thoughts on “Gareth Bale future may be decided at Old Trafford

  1. Excuse me Bank Manager, we are £750,000,000 in debt. Lob us another £40m for Gareth Bale please. Still haven’t stopped laughing.

  2. If only Rooney were playing tomorrow – I was hoping a good performance from the want-away striker would prompt Harry to make a bid for him.

  3. So 90 minutes is going to decide whether Whiskey is going to try and sign Bale. He has already turned United down and has recently signed a long term contract. If Berbatov was sold for 32 million Gareth has to go for around the same price which United can not afford. In conclusion pointless article you really need more to do up north.

  4. “Ferguson may test Harry Redknapp’s resolve with a cash plus players offer involving Park Ji-Sung and former White Hart Lane favourite Michael Carrick. Is that a highly interesting scenario? You bet it is!”

    Im an Arsenal fan and nothing gives me more pleasure then seeing Spurs fail but this has got to be one of the stupid comments I have ever read! Why on earth would Spurs be willing to lose their best player and replace him with a couple of Man Utd bench warmers? Carrick and Park Ji Sung are no better then what Spurs have already sitting on the bench so please explain how exactly this would be an interesting scenario for them? lol The only way I see Man Utd getting Bale if they fork out the total cash that Spurs will most likely demand! If you forked out £30m for Berba expect to fork out a lot more for Bale. The question is can you afford to spend that much, I doubt it. I have been reading a lot of this silly player exchange ideas and I think Man Utd fans should stop playing Champ Manager since deals like signing Bale for a bit of cash + some bench warmers can only happen in Champ Manager and not in the real world. How would you like it if you read articles about Man City signing Rooney in a deal where they offer “some cash + Santa Cruz and Sean Wright Phillips”? It would be silly right? well its no more silly then what you just suggested!!

  5. Laughable article really.

    Why would Spurs want Carrick and Park who are bit-part players at United anyway? Ferguson will retire in 18 months and the Glazers are clearly skint and intent on raping the cash cow as much as possible. The Rooney contract was all about preserving his transfer value.

    Also I can’t see why Bale would want to join a fading giant whose best players are 30+ anyway.

  6. wud truly be a great signing and a good successor for Giggsy, but can’t see Harry taking back Carrick… neither do I tip him for havin any interests for Park…

  7. No chance, Bale belongs to Spurs, they have no need or want to sell him, he has come out and said he is very happy at Spurs, he’s signed up on a long contract, and Man United could not afford him, so why you guys keep and the rest of the media keep flogging this dead horse is beyond me

    If Man United need a replacement for Giggs, then maybe they should do a City and have a look at the Villa squad

  8. 1st of all no way in a million years is Bale going to Man U, he’s said himself he’s happy at spurs and Redknapp has stated he’s not for sale. 2nd if we were to sell him to you then you’d have to spend near enough the whole £50 million on Bale alone, so dream on, mugs!

  9. haha Fergies nearly dead – sos Harry to be fair – plus your club is in financial melt down!
    Your owners are HATED by so called loyal fans who wear the green and yellow scarves … only to buy the latest club shirt & lining those Yankees pockets even more. You guys are either plain stupid and dont understand the whole point of your protest or …. well just plain stupid
    Most of your fans live in London anyways!

  10. Doesn’t seem the most likely scenario to me.

    “Just ask yourself what 21 year old will not give his eye teeth to be at Manchester United” – well Gareth Bale I guess seeing I believe he chose Spurs over Man Utd when he moved from Southampton. O.K. so at the time he probably saw Spurs as an ideal place to get the games he was unlikely to get at Man Utd but a lot has changed since then.

    Man Utd seem to be going through a transitional period and I’m sure they will come through it as yet another strong incarnation but the same can now be said about Spurs. They definitely appear to be a club going places and an exciting club to play for. I’m not sure the allure of Man Utd will be that great for Bale.

    Additionally as a Spurs fan I wouldn’t want Park Ji-Sung playing for me reserve team that alone anywhere near my first team so I’m not sure he’d add anything at all. Carrick is also past his best and we already have Huddlestone who’s developing into a similar, but younger player.

    So unless that “plus cash” is around the £30million mark, I’d stick with Bale thanks

  11. (Spurs fan) I pre-warn you that this link has appeared on a Spurs site, so expect a lot of responses from nervous Spurs fans…. Most will not be as friendly as I am! Bale would be almost too perfect a replacement for Giggs! Even down to nationality. I am not sure how possible this move is, but the story is right in suggesting that it would take a mega bid to test Spurs’ resolve. I am sure that Spurs are keen to keep Bale for at least 2 more seasons.

  12. what a truely pompous article. the days of you signing anyone you want are well and truely over. you crippling debt has sen to that. gareth bale on current form is the best left sided player in europe, it would take a new british transfer record to sign him. man utd simply aren’t in that position anymore, no matter what u prawn eaters beleive.!…..you can have jenas tho?

  13. You have a very vivid imagination. Bale has more talent in his left foot than carrick and park put together. Why would we accept two old men for a youngster.
    I think you have been smoking some happy baccy.

  14. It would be the best signing this coming summer. It would give us great balance in midfield and create more space in the middle of the pitch. We looked very one sided as a team and i like Park’s energy, but that is about it. Carrick has also hit a brick wall and will start to fall off a bit, so give them both players and bring Bale in. Young exciting British player. Hopefully not one who’ll want to disappear for more money…

  15. So you get rid of two of your crap players and get one of our best so whats in it for us or are you also giving us that 50ml on top of them because that would be the only way it could happen.Berbs went because he was a shit and carrick well he was much the same.Difference is now we are closing on you and if we can get a striker in january then we will be even closer so why would our guys want to go there.Also with cry baby rooney getting a massive pay rise how long before berbs,giggs ,scholes and the rest are knocking at the door.That was a very bad move by mannure your wage structure is about to explode out the door and how are you going to pay for that.If Bale was to go there i bet he would be looking at least 150k a week which with rooneys wage rise seems fair.Add to that his price tag for buying him and well it looks like it could cost you at lot more than 50ml.I know if i was his agent i would be saying to mannure if you want himyou have to pay him a wage up there with rooneys.You have shot yourselves in the foot big style with rooney to the point can you now afford to buy any more players?

  16. £50m transfer budget? Must be from all those Norwich City scarves you’ve bought from the club shop. Don’t spend it all at once! That won’t go very far when you have to replace Giggs, Scholes, Rio Ferdinand and Edwin Van der Sar. Once you’ve replaced them, you’ll have enough left over to buy Gareth Bale’s left thumb. Looks like you’re stuck with Darron Gibson.

    United are £700m in debt, with annual interest payments on that debt of £50m. United are a zombie club.

  17. Yeah, Spurs will swap a player on his way up for a couple of soiled rubbers, he has already stated that he wants to stay at Spurs and said he is going nowhere, plus the fact, you haven`t a pot to piss in.

  18. you may well end up getting him one day but not a chance for at least two years i reckon. Harry will walk if he goes now and the player himself has said he is staying. Fella, you have fallen for desperate media talk. This is a non story. As for Carrick and Park ??? ha ha ha ha, do me a favour, why the hell do spurs want them ????

  19. Think your living in dream land mate, Bale will have Barca and Real Madrid knocking on his door come the summer, and even if he does leave (which he`s already said he doesn`t want to do) im sure he`d prefer to go to one of the giants of world football. He`s rejected Man utd once, why go there now? Anyway, at this moment in time he`s twice the player Rooney is so i`m guessing the 50m Taggart has to spend will not be enough. Think a swap deal with Berbatov, Nani and Evra would be a more realistic deal than Carrick and Park. Keep dreaming Chaps

  20. So you think we would sell one of our best players to you in exchange for two of your rejects? Wake up and smell the coffee the gap between Tottenham and Manchester UTD is not as large anymore. Your rejects are equally as unlikely to add any value to our team.

    Bale may wish to join UTD at some stage but you’d have to come up with straight cash as a player exchange is not likely to interest us.

  21. Arrogant article. Bale would be much better served staying at spurs under Redknapp who arguably has as good a record with young players as Fergie. Also I don’t believe that Man U can afford him especially now they’ve been stitched up by Rooney and his agent. Spurs are moving in the opposite direction to man u whose dynasty is starting to unravel.

  22. You muppet. He has committed to staying at Spurs, this is a non-story.

    Stop tapping-up our players ManUre

  23. Seems like a lot of you guys did not understand what you were reading. The cash plus Carrick and Park exchange is what was reported in The News of the World and was just as big a surprise to most United fans. Looks like this is a matter of shooting the messenger by a lot of very nervous Spurs supporters.

  24. 18 months ago Man U sold a very good player for 90million and Red Nose told the world (well all his friends in the press) that the money would sit ready for him when he finds the right players… Now we are being told he has a 50 million war chest … Duh, where has 40million gone, oh we know – it was never there, the Glazers have it… Why would any team sell a prized asset? Oh aske the Glazers when they sold to Real Madrid – To plug the financial gap, same as they will do in the summer when it’s byby Rooney. Spurs on the other hand don’t need to sell, our Billionair own has pumped money in, got the right board in, capped wages, kept us on a financial sound footing, made sure we complied with the new fifa rules and can now play CL in the future without having to sell stock. Man U might beat us on Sat, Man U fans might dream of a future but in what league? When Red Nose retires (when the funds are not forth coming) what then? A bunch of over aged players with nothing coming through the youth system because the glazers abandoned this as drinks to much money. So dream on as to bale, Hudd etc. leaving for your team, take a tip, find another club to support. Both Leeds and Liverpool are the obvious other examples of bad management and that is where you are going, they thought it could never happen to them … But it can. Of all the teams in the top 5 only us and Arsenal have a chance to grab long term stability because we have taken the right approach, so dream on and remember the past is your history the future is our’s.

  25. @Frank. of course we’re nervous; as your joyless club has got previous on stitching us up. most of your fans couldnt even appreciate berba even though you ripped out our guts by tapping him up, and eventually nabbing him.

    hopefully the rumours are true and you havent got any money (or at least the amount it’d take to buy Bale who has 4.5 years to run on a 5 year contract). also, i hope rooney’s wage demands krank up all the wages at your club and it becomes a stranglehold.

    things cant continually fall into place for your club.

    and lastly, hopefully we overturn the hoo-doo you have on us this saturday

  26. Cant see the deal happening personally at all and agree it would not be a good deal for Spurs and it is indeed a provactive article. But I have to say I am completely and utterley shocked at the billy big b*llocks comments on here from Spurs fans about being bigger than us and how yawn our empire is crumbling. You’ve achieved nothing and have the nerve to come on here saying you are or are about to be bigger than Man Utd. You are not even the biggest club in London so pipe down till you win something as you just make yourselves sound like nobs. And as for the Whiskey and Red Nose and Taggart comments. The blokes a knight of the realm and your gaffer defrauds the taxman and looks like a Tussauds model whos face has been pressed against a radiator 🙂

  27. @ Gra Keep on dreaming and hoping son. Additonally maybe try a hobby or something as it sounds like you are not getting much joy out of life 🙂 Very Bitter

  28. (Spurs fan) Coming in peace. Hope for an entertaining game tomorrow (unlike 95% of Man City games) and may the best team win. No point in arguing about paper speculation – especially that ‘paper’

  29. As someone wrote earlier…How would Man Utd fans like it if the media and Citeh fans discussed the possibility of Citeh signing Rooney on a “cash + player” deal and the players being touted where Wright Phillips and Santa Cruz? I’m sure most will react the same way as Spurs fans to this. Its just plain stupid!! Do you honestly believe that Park Ji Sung and Carrick will offer anything to Spurs so that it sweetens the blow of loosing him? Serioulsy, come on!!

  30. Danny Salford Red: Whisky face is a dodgey as they come! Just ask his SON! Not even old whiskey face could keep that one quiet!
    Knight of the realm haha
    Thje guys too chicken to even do a BBC MOTD interview. instead we’re left with that potato head Mick Phelan or whatever his name is!
    More like a member of the Jack Daniels fan club!
    When he goes your little cosey world falls apart!

  31. Ha ha ha ha ha ha keep it coming lads your delusions are making pub time come round so much quicker and anon thats brave without leaving a name :-). Tony Rich only sensible comment on here and I hope for the same pal. And Mac “Knight of the realm ha ha ha” not sure what you’re laughing at Pal, ‘SIR’ Alex Ferguson has been knighted as is suggested in the SIR bit of his name. See if Melted candle face ever gets one after defrauding the government 🙂

  32. Danny Salford Red … you dont need to explain knighthoods to a southerner pal! They hand them out like candy these days. Our very own Sir Alan has one.
    You make it sound like hes sat at King Arthurs round table! He’s had a good innings ill give him that but with him due to reture PLUS the fact you aint got a pot to piss in the writing is on the walls.
    The sad miserable old git dont even do MOTD interviews! Sad loser! Prob cuz he’s tucking into a bottle of JD! Red nosed prick!
    Ronaldos gone. Rooney wants out, whatever the PR campaign says & Alex will either retire or die shortly.
    Back to the discussion: Why on earth would Spurs EVER accept a stupid deal like that. Both wouldnt even make our BENCH and thats the truth. Our midfield is strong these day … Lennon, Bale, Huddlestone, Van der Vaart, Modric, Wilson P, Sandro.
    You got Carrick off us for a good price. Berba for an even better one.
    Plus you have NO money. I repeat NO MONEY. End of.
    Fingers crossed we a ref tomoz and not a 12 v 11 as you normally get at OT!

  33. Im glad you picked up on that it sounds like Fergies Sat at King Arthurs table as that was the intent by using ‘Knight of the realm’ as i do like to try and bring a touch of humour to arguing on line with a stranger who seems to ignore that i actually agree with his original points 🙂 But i digress as your last post has pretty much just 100% proved my original point that you are turning into a very cocky bunch already for a team thats won nowt and is probably the third biggest in your city. Look mate I think Spurs are a really good side with really good players and agree they are on the up and if you read my previous posts i actually agree with you that the Bale swap deal is a non starter as the deal would not be good enough for you due to Bales Quality. my beef is with a lot of the attitude on here from Spurs fans “giving it large” as you cockneys like to say. Keep your powder dry lads then shout from the rooftops when you do win something.

  34. First of all that story is absolute bollocks, Park and Carrick for Bale, fuckin hilarious. However,you dillusional yids make me fucking laugh!!!!!!!!
    Get into the champions league and think your world beaters, do ya?? When was the last time you actually won something meaningful, actually that is asking too much, to make it easier we’ll keep it to any trophy..lol still too far back in history??

    I actually like watching Tottenham play, but some of the comments here today are ridiculous……..We may be £700 mill in debt and have no money to spend but we will still win more trophies than you over the next 5 years, as you are no more than one of feeder clubs!

  35. No one is going to argue who is the bigger and better club, United win hands down! However, Spurs fan like me have an issue with the idea that people can even consider the possibility that United can dump their unwanted players on us in exchange for our best player!! Yes United are a bigger club but these “rumours” are just retarded and show a total lack of respect to Spurs!

    As someone said, how would United like it if there where stories about Citeh signing either Rooney or Nani and offering Sean Wright Phillips to “sweeten the deal” and “lessen the blow” lol

  36. @ Rewind, Totally agree with all of that other than the feeder club bit. If they were we wouldnt get raped by Levy everytime we buy one of their players 🙂 Hes a shrewd one ………….the b*stard 🙂

  37. you lot are funny. Who on earth thinks that spurs is to united as united is to citeh? you have got yer analogies crocked. spurs win the league this year and the next 17 on the trot then we can come back to this discussion on an even level. and citeh? well the sign will tick over again this year for sure. 34 and counting.
    anyway should be a good match i expect. spurs do play great footie just dont dirty up yer good names by mentioning citeh. chichorito to score manyana;)

  38. Well what a bunch of Idiots, we are the Nemisis of all Premiership teams, ManUtd still are the No 1 team in England, you lot just hang on to our coat tails, yes were in debt, but were still here to annoy you, hoever you support, dream on suckers, were MAN UTD.

  39. Why would SAF spend 40 milion for Bale when he knows he can get
    Douglas Costa, who is a brilliant attacking midfielder, for 12 million?
    Bale is not in the class of Douglas Costa. Go on “YOUTUBE” and watch
    Costa’s video clips, simply brilliant!

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