5 thoughts on “Ferguson's Old Trafford empire is as solid as ever

  1. We’re unbeaten but we’ve not played Chelsea, Arsenal or City even once yet. Would we really expect to lose any of the games we’ve had so far?

    We’ve dropped 10 points in ten games against non-top four opposition. Not very good. We won’t win the Premiership averaging two points per game.

    If the money is there to spend then I’m not concerned, long term. But then I don’t understand why we didn’t spend more this summer.

  2. Since when has spending money had anything to do with achieving success? It’s all about building teams, yes money helps but it is not the panacea that some would have you believe. Remember, SAF is currently the most successful manager in any league, anywhere in the world. If he says there is no value in the market, then you have to take him at his word. He finds great players and i’m sure that I don’t need to list them here. Whilst he is still manager of MUFC, forget the “not very good” and look to next stage in the continuing success story that is Manchester United.

  3. Great minds think alike Mick – hang on mate, I’m only kidding. I can’t help but wonder however how many fans out there REALLY think that they know better than Sir Alex even though they have never even managed a pub team?

  4. Mick, if SAF told you that black was white would you believe him? Quite clearly there was loads of value in the market last summer (look at the transfer prices of Ozil and van der Vaart). The recession has depressed prices and we missed the best chance in years to buy players cheaply.

    No doubt Ferguson has his reasons for not buying. But they aren’t the reasons he is giving us.

  5. There’s sometimes much more involved than a reasonable transfer fee Chrisw. I don’t know about van der Vaart although the asking price for him did plunge dramatically right at the death but as for Ozil, there was a report that he demanded wages of 100,000 a week AFTER TAX, which made it close to 200,000 gross. I think we both know that Ferguson is no fool. Regarding your opening question guess what? If Sir Alex told me that, I think that I would go pretty close to believing him! After all, it IS SAF that we’re talking about. -:)

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